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Green Commercial Cleaning Services Montreal

Can-Jan is proud to be green! To meet growing demand, we have continued to provide green cleaning services in Montreal that are cost conscious and provide great results. Our company upholds environmentally sustainable practices, including the use of green cleaning products. Our green commercial cleaning services involve proper training on product safety and use to all our staff members, guaranteeing high quality green cleaning services that are both efficient and safe.

Transparent About What’s Green And What’s Not

Many companies lay claim to a “green” status, while actually doing very little to achieve real results. We never “greenwash” our services or company; our reputation is one of integrity and reliability. Occasionally, in some industrial cleaning situations, if we have no green alternative to turn to, we will use conventional cleaners. That being said, we are always up front about our products and services, never painting things green that aren’t.

Certified Green Achieves Superior Cleaning Results

While caring for the planet, achieving great results doesn’t have to take longer or cost more. In fact, our line of green commercial cleaning products is vey cost effective and comparable, or even less, than many conventional alternatives. Add to that the fact that our products are certified by reputable agencies such as Ecologo, Green Seal and Design for the Environment.

Green Montreal Office Cleaning Doesn’t Mean Inferior

Many cleaning products labeled “green” have left consumers feeling let down with poor performance or difficult applications. The Laval based company Avmor, who follows conscientious sourcing and manufacturing processes, produces our green cleaning products. Through this partnership, we provide janitorial and maintenance chemicals, floor finishes, and washroom products that are environmentally friendly yet superior to many conventional products. We use Avmor’s products according to their instructions and find they often outperform many of the conventional alternatives.

Environmentally Friendly Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Using up to date industrial cleaning equipment allows us to extend our green practices further. Floor sweepers and vacuums, industrial cleaning machines, commercial carpet cleaners and other cleaning equipment can be high efficiency, fitted with HEPA filters, and use green products to decrease the impact on the environment; while using microfiber mops and cloths provides great results while decreasing waste. When providing office cleaning in Montreal our company uses janitorial products and upholds operating standards certified by these organizations:

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