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Is your business equipped against property crimes? Even if there is no current problem, you’re not in the clear. Here are our suggestions to better the security of your buildings.
Avoid harmful products by choosing environmentally friendly cleaners. In this article, we explain the 5 main advantages and we offer 4 recipes of household products to make oneself with simple ingredients.
Should you consider a post construction cleaning service to help you get your newly renovated space prepared? Here are our tips to help you thoroughly clean your business following major renovations!
Did you know that the image of your business can be affected by the cleanliness of your offices? Indeed, a dirty or disorderly environment could scare some of your customers! Find out why in this article!
Environmentally friendly cleaning are increasingly being used to reduce environmental borrowing. Nevertheless, not all products are 100% ecological. Do you know how to choose them? We give you 5 tips that will help you get cleaner cleaners!
Living in Montreal, or any city in general, you get used to seeing giant buildings covered wall to wall in windows. Just imagine trying to clean all of them on your own, impossible right?
The competition has become extremely intense and therefore necessitating one to do much more than just selling merchandise. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by employing cleanliness in your business.
Keeping the house clean is hard but keeping the playroom, daycare or classroom tidy can be even more of a daily challenge. Can Jan inc. disserves all kinds of industries to keep your environment safe and clean.
Do you really believe there is absolutely no way that can make cleaning any fun at all? Of course cleaning can be amusing, you just need to find the way that fits with you. Can-Jan is there to help you get through every cleaning process you can think of and more.
There are so many people surrounding us who make our life’s that much easier. Take the time to thank these people this holiday. Here’s a little reminder of who these forgotten people may be:
Traditionally, winter is a season in which many people hunker down and cut back on their activities; however, for businesses this is a time in which it is vital to be more diligent than ever, at least in one area — cleanliness.
When work starts to pile up and time is limited, it gets easy to let your warehouse become unorganized and dirty.
When it comes to back-to-school season, there are so many different things that school facility managers have to consider. A particular attention should especially be given to proper cleaning in order to promote good healthy and safe learning environment.
Many employers give little importance to a cleaned and organized work environment. However, spend several hours a day in a messy and dusty office can have a negative impact on employees and customers.
The cleanliness of a business restroom will likely play a role in determining the customer’s perception of the company. Finding the right janitorial service in Montreal can go a long way to ensure that the restroom in a business projects a clean image!
Spring is approaching, and with the warmer temperatures and longer days comes the traditional spring cleaning. It’s one of our favorite times of the year at Can-Jan.
Your professional environment is a reflection of your company. Keeping that space clean and organized is a great way to put your best foot forward and impress those who do business with you.
As a premier provider of Montreal cleaning services, we’ve seen first hand the impact that a great appearance can have on our local business fronts.
Offering deals and reduced rates on hotel rooms or other promotional strategies, are some ways to boost occupancy rates. However there are a few other ideas that can boost your bookings that are sometimes overlooked.
First impressions are lasting impressions, this applies to so much more than meeting new people. First impressions are just as lasting when it comes to places, businesses and buildings.
Winter is just around the corner, accompanied by cold weather and snow. While we may not want it to arrive just yet, your building’s maintenance team needs to prepare now for the months to come.
Getting what you pay for is expected. But how do you know if you really are getting your money’s worth?
A special event deserves special care. Presenting your guests with a clean and inviting venue is a must.
As summer winds to a close, retail shops in Montreal are getting ready to go into the next season. Montreal retail cleaning is next on the list for many businesses across the island.
Living in the city has its perks, although traffic is not one of them, especially for your windows. Now that summer has finally arrived, so is the time to give those office windows a good clean-up.
Many residential and commercial construction companies rely on outside contractors to bid on and handle their construction site cleaning needs.
It won’t be long now until back-to-school season is upon us. Summertime is perfect for deep-cleaning, making repairs or renovations, re-doing flooring and surfaces, as well as various touch-ups.
Among the occupations currently in highest demand in all of Québec, janitorial workers have real job security when it comes to looking ahead.
For caretakers and building managers, this season is often one of the busiest. There’s no doubt that the workload can double or triple during June and July.
While the office environment is quite similar across most industries; what is unique about medical offices is the need for sterilization.
As a primary provider of Montreal floor cleaning services, there are a few things we’ve learned over the years about great service. On the top of this list you’ll find atmosphere and ambiance.
Warehouses in particular are ready for a thorough cleaning now that warmer weather is here. For warehouse managers, commercial cleaning can be a bit of a headache, especially if you don’t have the proper equipment or adequate staffing on hand to perform these extra tasks.
Bathroom, restroom, washroom; however you call them, they require proper care and attention to ensure that they are not only maintained, but also that they are not a source of spreading contamination.
Spring cleaning tasks like edifice cleaning Montreal, window cleaning, exterior light cleaning and exterior camera cleaning are all available to get your establishment back in top shape.
Large public venues like stadiums require serious janitorial services! Because of the large-scale and high-traffic areas stadiums, theatres and concert halls have, keeping them clean takes some strategic planning.
Regular building cleaning and maintenance is key to having a healthy building environment. Buildings that have been neglected or particularly old buildings can develop what is known as “sick building syndrome.”
Kitchens of any type require special attention when it comes to sanitization standards. Especially true for commercial kitchens, corporate kitchens, cafeterias in schools and institutions; as well as restaurant kitchens. While staff members often perform cleaning services throughout the day, it is necessary to perform further cleaning at the end of each day or shift.
From top to bottom, everything gets extra dirty during the winter months, but waiting for spring to do your cleaning can do real damage to your flooring and other building surfaces.
For many businesses across Montreal foot traffic goes through the roof this time of year. One major consideration you need to address are your commercial cleaning services Montreal.
Most of us know that germs abound in our office environments. But did you know that the lifespan of various germs and bacteria can range anywhere from a couple hours to weeks?
Businesses shutting down for the holidays it can be a great opportunity to get some extra cleaning and maintenance taken care of.
More powerful than many people realize, the appearance and level of cleanliness can have a huge impact on clients and prospective clients.
We can reduce the occurrence of school-borne illnesses. It is very possible to implement a fitting and efficient Montreal janitorial service that addresses your school’s particular needs.
On the subject of sharing spaces, common ground can quickly become no-man’s-land when it’s time to clean! Often, the common areas in a community establishment or office complex require extra care and attention to remain usable and enjoyable.
A reputation can make or break you. Especially true in the hotel business! If your hotels have a less than satisfactory rating when it comes to cleanliness, you could be in trouble.
Car dealership managers know the challenge of keeping all these cars and trucks in top shape for their customers to view. They are also well aware of the need to keep their showrooms in top shape.
What better way to start autumn than with a fresh, clean office? Carpets, windows, floors and walls can all profit from some extra care after summer. Cleaning these types of areas before winter rolls into town is a great idea.
Once August rolls around, school maintenance managers gear up to get our schools ready for class. From regular cleaning activities to seasonal tasks, school cleaning and maintenance is a big job.
There are a lot of contributing factors to having grimy windows. Windows are often difficult to access and clean, so be sure to hire a professional Montreal window cleaning service.
The cleaning and maintenance of factories is one of the most demanding contract cleaning jobs because of the wide variety of processes and materials they can involve.
Managing any type of store requires a lot of work. Cleanliness matters to the majority of people. Your store will initially be judged on how it appears.
In recent years, there have been an alarming number of infectious outbreaks; some leading to death; which were attributed to low hygienic standards in hospitals.
The first things that usually slip are the extra tasks that regular employees are usually responsible for. Things like office cleaning and other janitorial duties suddenly are not being done.
Living through an office renovation can test anyone’s patience. But keeping your business going during the process is an even bigger challenge! We specialize in cleaning up after commercial renovations and can efficiently and thoroughly get your new office in top shape.
We all think public washrooms when we think of the dirtiest places. But did you know that one of the worst offenders, when it comes to germ-infested, dirty, public places is actually your local grocery store?
Spring has arrived and it’s time for the annual cleanup and everyone, it seems, wants to get in on the action. The Can-Jan team are experts at cleaning lobbies, offices, showrooms, laboratories and stores.
Commercial bathrooms are bound to experience a high traffic of users and therefore very vulnerable to dirt and all things unpleasant, if not properly taken care of.
In most cases, the staff at large airports are busy and sometimes important areas are not cleaned and disinfected. Find out how you can avoid catching a cold or the flu on your next flight.
Scheduling carpeting cleaning in the winter ensures that you do not get caught up in the crazy cleaning frenzy that overtakes almost everyone when the weather warms up.
With the recently announced demolitions and reconstruction of a large number of schools in Montreal, most of which are CSDM, it is no doubt that post-construction clean-up is bound to be overwhelming and janitorial services will be highly sought after.
Most office buildings and other commercial properties have an array of flooring types in different areas. Each type of flooring has its own special method of being maintained.
Being proactive in your approach to building maintenance makes great sense—both financially and environmentally.
The holidays are in full force! And with the holiday season comes a whole lot of extra activity; which means a whole lot of extra mess! There’s nothing better than coming in to work to find a clean and tidy workplace.
The holiday rush is here. Montreal store owners are operating at full-tilt to keep up with their customers and to keep their shops in tip-top shape.
Warehouses. Montreal is full of them! Some of the largest warehouses in Canada are right here in the Montreal area. Finding a great warehouse cleaning service is among the top concerns of warehouse managers.
Workplace health is a big factor for Montreal businesses. No matter how well you maintain your office or workplace, eventually bacteria or illness causing viruses will find their way into your workplace.
Consistent floor care not only improves the look of your building, but also its functionality and health. Clean carpets and floors that are properly sealed and maintained add value and class to your building.
The restaurant business is highly competitive and in order to run a successful and profitable business you will need to not only have great food; but also a very clean restaurant! Usually, when a restaurant starts to slip in the area of cleanliness, this is the reason why: overworked employees.
Keeping your business safe is a big consideration for many Montreal companies. Depending on your location and the nature of your business as well, you may have a higher need for beefed-up security.
The beginning of the year is the best time to introduce new changes or policies. Why not introduce some well planned keep–the-school-tidy ideas?
For a consumer, when you choose to purchase a Montreal cleaning service that is ISO 9001 certified, you can pay for these services knowing that they are backed by a proven quality guarantee.
Summertime is also a great time to take care of cleaning tasks like window cleaning, duct cleaning and re-finishing floors.
There is something about a clean, neat, and organized store that makes it stand out above the competition.
There is no doubt at all that the first impression from clients and industrial regulators alike can make the difference between a company winning a much-needed contract or losing it altogether.
Cleaning may not be your cup of tea. Don’t stress — there are options, thank goodness, for the availability of cleaning services Montreal!
We all want to save money. We all struggle to keep costs down and business profitable. So when it comes to hiring a cleaning company, you might be tempted to go with the cheapest, right?
Enterprises of all sizes sometimes try to tackle housekeeping duties themselves. This isn't an activity that adds value to your business;
Going green is not just a passing trend. It truly is becoming engrained in the choices we make every day. Sustainable practices and products are the norm.
Simply assuming the construction crew will “sweep up” and dispose of any trash is incorrect, and it fails to adequately address safety, health, and aesthetic issues.
The benefits of running a tidy operation go beyond appearances.
When you need a security service, it's a comfort to know that you do have options.
Spring time marks the calendar this Wednesday, and so begins the annual event we all undertake at home and office...Spring Cleaning!
Recent studies demonstrate that there is up to 455 times more bacteria proliferating on office equipment than on a toilet seat!
Have you heard of patrol cleaning? It is a service that allows routine office and industrial cleaning to go on unabated while permanent cleaning staff is unavailable during vacation periods or medical leave.
It is always important to keep your office clean at all times. This is based on the fact that it offers a professional look and it enhances your health as well as that your employees.
There are several ways through which you can avoid getting a cold this season whether you are at home, in the office or even just out there.
Professional carpet cleaning is very important for any living space.
Today, after the office closed, security services come in handy in the market.
A warehouse is one of the most hazardous places to work.
The importance of having a health strategy for your staff is one that cannot be overlooked.
Whether you own a commercial or residential property, it is imperative to keep it thoroughly clean all the time.
Your office is an important space especially since it is the area you spend most of your time in. This is why you should keep it clean all the time.
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