3 Tips That Will Keep Your School Sparkling all Year

September 04, 20133 Tips That Will Keep Your School Sparkling all Year

Montreal schools are back in session!

The beginning of the year is the best time to introduce new changes or policies. Why not introduce some well planned keep–the-school-tidy ideas? After being put in tip-top shape while the kids were out of class, your school doesn’t have to slowly become cluttered and disorganized again once they return!

Want to find out how to keep your school in tip-top shape this year? Here’s how:

#1. Get Students Involved!

Students can help keep the school clean and if you do it in a way that encourages pride and fostering an appreciation for teamwork, kids can get really motivated about doing so. Make sure you think of some really fun ways to reward students who help, and consider creating a challenge or a program that kids can sign up for. You can even create class teams that can earn points for good work. Here are a few examples of things that kids can easily get involved with:

#2. Find a Great Cleaning Service in Montreal!

When you’re looking for a cleaning service in Montreal, there are a lot of choices. Make sure that you find a Montreal cleaning service that is backed by a great reputation and insurance. Also choose a company who has well trained staff who will also be able to work in an environment where there are children. Can Jan in Montreal is one of the biggest and most professional outfits who clean schools and all kinds of other buildings. They also offer a line of green cleaning products, which will help your school in the initiative to go green!

#3. Get Teachers to do a Quick Tidy-up.

Be careful not to ask too much; as we all know that teachers have a huge job with a lot of demands. Most teachers put in a lot of extra time that is unpaid, so asking them to do anything beyond a quick straightening up is not fair. But do ask them to keep things neat and organized, and on their way out to pick up any books or other materials that may have fallen on the floor or other small tasks such as that.
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