3 Tips to A Tidy New Year from Montreal’s Cleaning Service

December 19, 20133 Tips to A Tidy New Year from Montreal’s Cleaning Service

The holidays are in full force! And with the holiday season comes a whole lot of extra activity; which means a whole lot of extra mess! In our last article we talked about cleaning up after the holiday rush… so we thought we’d take it one step further in today’s article and spread some cleanliness into the New Year!
First of all, the New Year (across pretty much every culture we can think of) revolves around the idea of a brand-new start. It seems that people across the globe agree on one thing—and that’s how awesome having a fresh start is! So as Montreal’s favorite cleaning service, we decide to put together some cleaning tips for Montreal to help you tuck away the holidays and start your New Year on a fresh foot. Remember, if you don’t have time to take care of your businesses janitorial services, we’re ready to help.

Skip the Procrastination

Just do it! In regards to the holidays, take down your decorations and put away the tree before the first week of the New Year is over…at the latest! Yes we all enjoy holidays, but when it’s over, it’s over! If you want to keep in step with tradition, the 7th of January is the day after Epiphany and commonly set as “remove-your-tree-day.” Or, you can follow the 12 days of Christmas tradition (which start on Christmas day) and remove your decorations on the last and twelfth day.

New Year = New Beginnings

And new beginnings usually get off to a better start if you don’t drag all of your old junk along! There is no better time than right now to purge your belongings of the things that you don’t use. Take a weekend or a workday, however much time you need to a good job, and do a heartless purge. A good rule of thumb here is to get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last six months (unless it’s something seasonal…like your skis or beach chairs!)

Organize and Stash in Style

After doing your purge, it’s time to store things away in a neat and tidy way. Invest in some big plastic bins or storage systems and think about how to store any extra stuff in a way that makes it easy to find and access, yet out of the way. In the office, consider making one room entirely devoted to supplies and storage, if you haven’t already. And keep tabs on it! Find a simple system to organize your office and stick to it.
If you don’t have time to get your office or business organized, you need to look into hiring a cleaning service. Finding a cleaning service in Montreal that offers flexible and professional janitorial services can be a big help. There’s nothing better than coming in to work to find a clean and tidy workplace. Call us today to find out how to stay tidy in the New Year!
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