A Big Thank You

December 21, 2016A Big Thank You

There are so many people surrounding us who make our life’s that much easier. We don’t see them every day, we don’t necessarily chat with them at all, but these people allow us to go along with our days without thinking about a couple of chores. Take the time to thank these people this holiday. Here’s a little reminder of who these forgotten people may be:

The bus driver

If you don’t drive your kids to school every day, someone else does. School bus drivers bring your kids to school and home every single day. If your kids are old enough to walk home, chances are you’ve never even seen the driver. Giving a little cookie jar or a thank you card will make their day a little brighter.

The Mailman

Yes, there is still such thing as a mailman! These people walk through any weather to deliver your mail directly to you. Imagine how annoying it would be to pass by a mailing service every time you received a bill or a Christmas card! If your home when the mailman does his round, just step outside to grab your mail and say thank you!

The Janitorial Services

All schools have a janitor that the kids simply love to goof around with. Instead of only saying thank you to your kid’s teachers, say thank you to the janitors who clean up after your kids!

If you work in an office, you probably don’t do the cleaning yourself. Cleaning services such as Can-Jan are a great way to go to keep a safe and clean work environment. Most of the cleaning teams show up after office hours. Leaving a little something at your desk space with a note can be a nice touch. Your cleaning crew doesn’t expect a gift which makes it a great surprise.

Here are only some of the people that help us all year long. You might have a babysitter or a sports coach. Make your own list and make sure to thank these one of a kind helpers!



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