The Best Playroom Hacks

February 22, 2017The Best Playroom Hacks

Keeping the house clean is hard but keeping the playroom, daycare or classroom tidy can be even more of a daily challenge. Can Jan inc. disserves all kinds of industries to keep your environment safe and clean. From window cleaning to carpet care, the Can Jan experts know exactly where germs can be. Here are some simple hacks to keep your environment clean until the experts show up.

Find a Place for Everything

Kids can generate a big mess in no time. From markers rolling around to small pieces of Lego around the room, toys are the biggest concern in keeping a playroom or classroom organized. If every single item has a designated spot such as a crayon bin, a block box and so on, there is no reason not to put them away and fast. In order to get the kids to help, simply place a picture of the item inside the bins or purchase see threw ones! The key is to use labels for all storage bins to maximize the efficiency of your toy room or corner.

You can also place books by colour coordination to play a little game every evening. Categorizing toys make it easier to put them away quickly. Consider using magnets to stick some of the metalled toys to the walls such as little cars!

Toy Wash

Toys get tossed around by many little hands and dirty fingers. How often do you actually clean them? Every week you should consider doing this with your kids of students. Put all of the used toys in a bin or sink. Fill half of the chosen container with soapy water. Have the kids scrub them around before rinsing them and putting them to dry.

For all electronic toys, use a merely damp cloth moist in liquid dish soap to remove all bacteria without ruining the battery area.

By removing all toys and crafts from the floor, it is much safer to walk around. Depending on how young the kids are, you should keep all of your cleaning supplies in a closed closet or cabinet. For all the heavy-duty cleaning jobs, such as window and carpet cleaning, request a quote here

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