Boost Your Hotel’s Bookings With Clean Hotels

September 24, 2014Boost Your Hotel’s Bookings With Clean Hotels

Good Ratings Boost Business

A reputation can make or break you. Especially true in the hotel business! If your hotels have a less than satisfactory rating when it comes to cleanliness, you could be in trouble. Thanks to numerous recent studies on the sanitization levels in hotel rooms, consumers are increasingly aware of both the cleanliness, and the lack thereof, in each and every hotel they stay in.

Add to that the reality of living in today’s Internet age, with its various public forums and rating websites, its no surprise that hotels must keep their standards and customer service in top-notch shape, or people are happy to tell the world about their bad experience. But, they are also quite happy to post great ratings about your hotel if you give them a good experience. One important way to do this is through adequate cleaning services.

Four Seasons of Clean

There are two basic types of cleaning services necessary to keep a hotel up and running. The first is your everyday cleaning; such as making up rooms, restocking occupied rooms, general maintenance and cleaning of public areas, and laundry services. The second service required is a deep cleaning service. Deep cleaning means digging deeper than the everyday cleaning crew can. Items such as flooring, windows, air conditioning/heating units, walls and window coverings all need to be cleaned and maintained properly, several times a year; preferably with the change of each season.

Cleaning Services Montreal

Deep cleaning can be taxing on your in-house cleaning staff, as they are most likely occupied with the day-to-day running of your hotel. Asking more of existing staff members can be tricky, but if you have downtime during a particular season, you could take on some extra cleaning tasks during that time. But the best way to do a deep clean is to hire a cleaning service Montreal

Hiring in a professional team of cleaners to take care of your janitorial services also gives you access to their specialized cleaning equipment and expertise. Large equipment like industrial floor scrubbers may not be on the budget for your in-house cleaning team, but the benefits of bringing in these types of equipment several times a year are big. Sparkling clean floors boost the appearance and the health of your hotel by sanitizing floor surfaces.

Montreal’s Janitorial Service

Plus, hiring a professional janitorial service Montreal means they will be able to come in and take care of the peripheral cleaning tasks after hours or during the day, whichever is best for your particular hotel, without disrupting your guests or regular workers. Hiring a proficient and reliable janitorial service is a must, and one with insured and bonded cleaning staff is standard. Take a look at Can-Jan’s cleaning services, and get your hotel in tip-top shape today. We have the experience, equipment and team to take care of all your cleaning needs.


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