Building Maintenance Plans—Tips from a Montreal Cleaning Service

January 03, 2014Building Maintenance Plans—Tips from a Montreal Cleaning Service

Proactive building maintenance saves you money.
Being proactive in your approach to building maintenance makes great sense—both financially and environmentally. The saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” goes doubly when it comes to maintaining your buildings. Performing adequate maintenance translates into fewer repairs and less waste of natural resources (i.e. electricity, natural gas); it will also mean that building managers have fewer problems to deal with. And it saves money.
Schedule regular cleaning services and patrols.
A big component in a good maintenance schedule is the scheduling of regular and thorough janitorial services. Regardless of what type of building you have, keeping it clean will contribute to it staying in optimal shape for years to come. And if you hire a top-notch janitorial company that offers services such as security or patrol cleaning you have the added benefit of building security. These types of cleaning services also give you an extra set of eyes to keep tabs and notify you when problems or potential problems occur.
Maintenance has its perks. So does having your own cleaning services.
From high-rises, warehouses, to multi-family dwellings; taking the time to plan and implement a proper building maintenance schedule will help you to avoid many foreseeable problems. Hiring a Montreal cleaning service will give you the freedom to focus your time on other areas of building maintenance and management such as: repairs and investments to the building’s exterior/roof, windows & doors, HVAC and furnace systems, electrical/utilities systems and records. If you notice a jump in consumption, it’s a pretty good indicator of an underlying problem. Make sure you check it out.
Cleaning around the clock.
Large buildings like warehouses, hospitals, airports, or apartments present their own unique challenges to maintaining a proper cleaning and maintenance schedule due to the fact that many of these buildings have non-stop activity. But there are ways to get around the daily and nightly business that occurs. Look for a cleaning service that has flexible hours, and the experience to back it up.
Finding a cleaning service provider in Montreal who has the experience, employees and equipment to come in and do a thorough job is one thing. Finding a cleaning company who also is insured, bondable and offers flexible scheduling is the next. Can Jan offers all these benefits, plus a full line of green cleaning products. We also offer non-stop, around the clock cleaning. Give us a call.
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