Clean Up Time

January 23, 2017Clean Up Time

Who says cleaning sucks? Do you really believe there is absolutely no way that can make cleaning any fun at all? Of course cleaning can be amusing, you just need to find the way that fits with you. Whether it's some good tunes or a nice organized list, there is always a way that you can make cleaning more of a game and less of a chore. Can-Jan is there to help you get through every cleaning process you can think of and more.

The Calendar With Tasks

            Already have a calendar up? Perfect! Now just take a stick pad and place it beside it. Title it “Tasks” and you’re already halfway done. Make sure you write down every task you want done that comes to mind. Whether you do it today or tomorrow or next month, at least it is written somewhere so you can’t forget it. Most tasks get lost when they aren’t written down somewhere, and your goal is to finish all the tasks without forgetting any.

Some Routine

            A weekly cleaning routine is the perfect way to stay on top of your messy home. By doing just a few tasks each night, by the end off the week everything will eventually have been done. Whether you prefer to do dishes on Tuesday and laundry on Wednesdays, you can make your routine fit your schedule perfectly. Just make sure you stick with it because if you start skipping days, they’ll end up just piling up on you until there are so many things to do you get overwhelmed.

Fun for the Kids

            There is no such thing as “too young” when it comes to cleaning. If you have a two years old, teach him/her to learn how to clean up her toys or put her books away. If your child knows how to make the bed, make sure they do it every morning so eventually they’ll always do it on their own. A good way to get children to help out is by creating a sticker chart. You can write down all their tasks and once one is done, they are allowed to put a sticker on it. Or you can give them a price such as a treat or a small toy. Make sure you teach them the reason why we clean up so they don’t just do it to get a present, they need to know that it needs to be done with or without a prize. 

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