Cleaning Green in Montreal!

May 13, 2013Cleaning Green in Montreal!


Going green is not just a passing trend. It truly is becoming engrained in the choices we make every day. Sustainable practices and products are the norm, and Montreal cleaning service, Can Jan recognizes and promotes this by offering a complete line of eco-friendly cleaning products from a Laval-based company; Avmor. We are able to use janitorial and maintenance chemicals, floor finishes, and washroom products that are environmentally friendly. Our staff also receives product and workplace safety training through WHIMIS, which guarantees the safe application of these products and our services.
There are a lot of myths about green cleaning services out there. Two common ones are that green options are more expensive, and that they will not perform as well as conventional methods. Both of these myths are not true! There are many products available now that are equal, or better than the products you are using now. This is in part due to government mandates and regulation guidelines.
Many companies recognize the value and demand for being “green.” But many companies, who label themselves as green, are not. Here are a few tips to help choose products that truly are green:
Not all green products are created equal. When choosing green cleaning products, keep in mind their performance, how they were produced, the materials they are made with, and the price. If products are being manufactured in ways that put workers at risk, or endanger the planet – buyer beware! The price also should be competitive and remember that often you can replace several of your current cleaners with just one green alternative.
Also worth noting is that products manufactured by certified companies, like Avmor will offer higher performance than others who do not meet the requirements set out by regulatory organizations. When products are stamped with the approval of these organizations, you can rest assured that they have checked out the company’s practices and products for you.
Look for certifications from organizations like these:
Design for the Environment. If the product meets stringent requirements for human and environmental health, they can use the DFE stamp. These products protect the environment and health of people.
Green Seal. Based in the USA, and founded in 1989, Green Seal is a non-profit organization that through science empowers people and creates a more sustainable world. These products meet their requirements and promote the values that Green Seal upholds.
The Ecologo Program. Based in Canada, Ecologo offers third-party certification of products such as cleaners and janitorial paper products. Considered the premiere mark of environmental standards.
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