Cleaning Tips for Back-to-School Success

September 23, 2016Cleaning Tips for Back-to-School Success

When it comes to back-to-school season, there are so many different things that school facility managers have to consider. A particular attention should especially be given to proper cleaning in order to promote good healthy and safe learning environment. Here are some cleaning tips to help everyone get off to a good start.

1. Establish a workable program

Without a workable system, cleaning will become overbearing and time consuming. Janitorial services like Can-Jan establish highly functional cleaning programs that help to maximize their efforts.

2. Don’t overlook the key areas

Cleaning high-touch areas should be a key concern when cleaning schools. The janitor’s checklist should not overlook door handles, electronic devices such as phones and fax machines.

3. Remove spills rapidly

Any type of spills should be addressed immediately. For one, spills can be a trip or slip hazard, bring safety into questions. Additionally, the longer a spill remains on the floor, the more the risk of a stain increases.

4. Properly maintain equipment and tools

Because most schools have strict budges that limit how much can be invested in cleaning supplies and equipment, it is imperative for the janitorial staff to take good care of their existing equipment. Make sure to ring out mops and completely as possible and store them in a manner that reduces the chance of bad odors.

5. Solicit help from the staff and students

Don’t hesitate to ask the staff and the students to do their part in keeping the school clean. Make sure that they take steps to eliminate clutter, which will allow the janitorial staff to better navigate through and clean rooms. Also staff and students should report spills immediately.

In conclusion, the establishment of an effective cleaning program reduces the amount of germs and microbes within the school, and also reduces the risk of accidents, by example, someone slipping and falling on a spill that was not immediately cleaned up.

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