Cleanest Commercial Kitchens in Montreal—Develop Your Cleaning Plan

February 12, 2015Cleanest Commercial Kitchens in Montreal—Develop Your Cleaning Plan

Montreal Commercial Kitchen & Cafeteria Cleaning

Kitchens of any type require special attention when it comes to sanitization standards. Especially true for commercial kitchens, corporate kitchens, cafeterias in schools and institutions; as well as restaurant kitchens. Any establishment that serves numerous people is considered a commercial kitchen and as such is regulated by provincial health and safety standards. Scheduling a regular kitchen deep cleaning will ensure that high standards of hygiene and regulation compliance are in place.

Among the top priorities in commercial kitchen and cafeteria cleaning services are regularly scheduled commercial cleaning services. While staff members often perform cleaning services throughout the day, it is necessary to perform further cleaning at the end of each day or shift to ensure that kitchen equipment and areas are properly disinfected and maintained to the required standards. Dining areas also need attention to ensure that they don’t turn into a breeding ground for bacteria.

Open Hours Cleaning

While you’re commercial kitchen or cafeteria is open for business it is important to have staff members on duty for clean-up. Periodical sweeping, mopping up any spills or accidents immediately, wiping down tables, and emptying trash throughout the day is important to maintaining a sanitary establishment. Be sure to maintain any self-serve areas that dispense condiments and drinks, as these quickly become dirty. Also be sure to collect and wipe down trays that have been soiled. It’s a great idea to run serving trays through your sterilizing dishwasher at least weekly to avoid harbouring infection.

After Hours Cleaning Services

Depending on your establishment’s operation schedules, it is beneficial to take advantage of daily commercial cleaning services performed after hours. Some typical areas to address in your daily maintenance schedule should include the following:

While kitchen staff usually perform various cleaning tasks throughout the day, it is important to deep clean your commercial kitchen on a regular schedule. Some establishments require a thorough cleaning each night, while others are able to perform weekly deep cleaning. Whichever is the case, there are several key points to be sure and include in your commercial kitchen cleaning services:

Creating Your Cleaning Plan

The biggest step in ensuring high standards is to create a cleaning services plan. Be certain to outline the required regulations and standards and how you will meet them. Detail points like timing, who is responsible for various cleaning tasks, and the necessary actions to take. Be sure to include professional cleaning services in areas of your cleaning plan that require them. Another key point in implementing an effective cleaning plan is education of your team members and consistent reminders and enforcement. Posting signs is a great way to create visual reminders in key areas.


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