Dirtiest Places in Montreal—The Local Grocery Store

April 29, 2014Dirtiest Places in Montreal—The Local Grocery Store


Secret offender

We all think public washrooms when we think of the dirtiest places. But did you know that one of the worst offenders, when it comes to germ-infested, dirty, public places is actually your local grocery store? It’s true! And on average some areas in grocery stores are 2-3 times dirtier (for germs) than a public restroom. Not very appealing when you’re going there to pick up tonight’s dinner!

The solution to germ-free grocery stores

Grocery stores can benefit from continual and consistent cleaning by both the on-duty staff and a professional after-hours cleaning service. Mopping up spills, dirt and the daily dust during opening hours is important, as is maintaining the washrooms. But after-hours cleaning is equally important to ensure that a grocery store doesn’t become a breeding ground for germs.

Wash those carts!

Grocery carts are on average dirtier than your toilet...which is just plain nasty! Not only do you place all your food items in there, many parents also set their babies and toddlers in for a ride. Grocery carts don’t just carry around your food; they also can carry viruses, bacterial infections, respiratory infections, and many other infectious pathogens.
As a precaution for cart-users, minimize your risks by using anti-bacterial wipes (preferably ones containing bleach) to wipe down the handles and seat area of the cart. Be sure to place any produce or meats inside plastic bags to avoid picking up bacteria.
As a store manager, make a point of having your carts cleaned during the year. Having them pressure washed in the parking lot with hot water (add bleach or a disinfectant if possible) will make big strides in cutting down the germ count. Also provide a dispenser of disinfectant wipes at all cart pick-up locations that your customers can use.

Conveyor belts

Checkout conveyor belts are two times dirtier than a public washroom! That’s even nastier than the grocery carts! Conveyor belts touch every item in your store, whether it’s clean or not. Having your staff clean up spills immediately and disinfecting the belts periodically during their shift is a big help, but it is important to fully sanitize them after hours as well.
Finding time and people to take care of every aspect of your business isn’t always easy. That’s why having a professional cleaning service come in each night to clean floors, washrooms, windows and to disinfect problematic areas like conveyer belts can be a big help. It can also greatly improve the health of your workers and customers. Give us a call today to find out how to setup an efficient cleaning service for your grocery store.
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