Do not wait to spring clean; schedule your winter carpet cleaning now!

February 28, 2014Do not wait to spring clean; schedule your winter carpet cleaning now!

Brutal cold winter months can leave you and your surroundings under the weather blues, adding more gloom to an already dreary environment! While a cup of hot chocolate and cozying up indoors sounds like a welcome idea to warm you up, the same wouldn't do any justice to your carpets and rugs! Why not call in the experts to spruce up things and get rid of the dreadful winter grime? Here are more reasons why you should consider Can-Jan Inc. for your professional carpet cleaning needs.

Beat the spring cleaning frenzy!

Scheduling carpeting cleaning in the winter ensures that you do not get caught up in the crazy cleaning frenzy that overtakes almost everyone when the weather warms up. With phones ringing off the hook in many Montreal cleaning services providers' offices from clients requesting quotes and cleaning schedules, it is very likely that springtime would drive a hike in cleaning costs or even result in scheduling back loads.
Don't let this happen to you. Get your carpet cleaning needs taken care of now!

Improve your carpet's lifespan without impacting negatively on yours!

Cleaning doesn't have to be harsh on you and neither should it be on your carpet. Can-Jan Inc. will professionally tackle tough stains, dirt and grime while remaining gentle on your carpet. Utilizing top notch cleaning machines and cleaning supplies that are free of toxic substances will add to the serenity of your workspace and improve, if not prolong, your carpet's life expectancy!

Breathe happy!

Improve air quality within your workspace and enjoy a clean environment despite the gloomy winter weather. A clean office is not only welcoming but also improves the health of the users and promotes productivity. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned to rid of salt and winter-related remnants will aid in eliminating possible allergens that could pose respiratory health risks in the long run. Be mindful of your wellness and that of your employees as well as clients. Get your carpet deep cleaned, your entry halls and walkways given thorough attention this winter. Furthermore, we spend a whole lot of time indoors in the winter months. Why not do so while breathing happily!

Enjoy certified, reliably fast and individualized cleaning services!

Apart from ensuring quality services, Can-Jan Inc. will cater for your individual needs to your specification and work with you to accomplish your cleaning goals. With certified and experienced professionals, satisfaction is guaranteed.
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