Fast and Easy Tips to NOT Get Sick at the Office This Year

December 05, 2014Fast and Easy Tips to NOT Get Sick at the Office This Year

Office Invasion?

Most of us know that germs abound in our office environments. But did you know that the lifespan of various germs and bacteria can range anywhere from a couple hours to weeks? With multiple touch points throughout the modern office, it’s no easy task to avoid coming in contact with potential germ infested areas.  With the average person touching anywhere from 300 or more surfaces every 30 minutes, it’s no surprise there are germs everywhere! One of the worst places in terms of hosting germs can be your office breakroom or kitchen, especially if you don’t have regular Montreal cleaning services. Other areas that rank high on the list include:

Tips For Employees

If you’re an employee, there are a few things you can do to minimize your exposure and the risk of catching something, without avoiding the office altogether! Our top tips for staying healthy include:

Tips for Employers and Office Managers

Aside from having everyone work remotely, there are things you can do to greatly reduce sick time and the occurrence of office-borne illnesses. Top of this list is to do thorough and regular office cleaning. Better yet, hire a professional Montreal office cleaning service and have your office kept clean without missing a beat. Other ways to reduce germs in your office include:


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