Surviving Commercial Renovations—Finding a Post-Renovation Janitorial Service in Montreal

May 12, 2014Surviving Commercial Renovations—Finding a Post-Renovation Janitorial Service in Montreal

Living through an office renovation can test anyone’s patience. But keeping your business going during the process is an even bigger challenge! One of the biggest challenges any project manager faces is making the process as seamless as possible. Having a well-coordinated janitorial service that keeps things functional during and after the reno's is part of that challenge.
Tip 1. The first thing to determine is what part of the cleaning the contractors and tradespeople are responsible for. You’ll need to inform your janitorial service not to do those duties and to let you know if they see that they’re not being done adequately. It’ll be your responsibility to hold the contractors to their end of the deal.
Tip 2. The second consideration is keeping well-informed of what work will be happening and when. That way you can let your janitor know which areas to focus on, and which to avoid. If at all possible, let janitorial work accumulate in areas that have minimal impact on operations. For instance, if a specific room is undergoing construction and not being used while the work is in progress, simply close the door and let the workers do their job. Your janitorial service can come in once the work is completed. Other than dealing with the inevitable trail of dust and dirt being tracked into the rest of the office, the impact on operations should be minimal this way. 
Tip 3. Dust minimization is a big concern during any renovation. Plastic sheeting hung in strategic locations can
help to minimize the dust from getting into the rest of the office. Exhaust fans can be helpful too, but weather and building dynamics will determine their use. If possible, seal off areas being renovated to avoid the tell-tale trail of debris entering active workspace.
Tip 4. Have plenty of drop sheets on hand for the construction workers too. A good contractor will be sure that surfaces are protected from spatters of paint, glue etc. However, not all contractors hold to those standards. Don’t be afraid to request that drop sheets be laid down if you don’t see it happening to your satisfaction. After all, this is your project and you are paying for their services, not to mention the janitorial services required to clean up after sloppy construction work.  
Tip 5. Publicly praise employees for efforts to be positive through the renovation. Creating an environment where everyone is willing to make the best of it will go a long way to surviving the renovation with team’s spirit intact. Employee cooperation can also reduce janitorial costs. Provide an ample supply of light drop sheets (plastic or cloth) and encourage employees to cover anything that might become dusty. This is especially important for protecting valuable equipment from abrasive dust.
Once the project is completed, a thorough cleaning of the ductwork can be money well spent. Dust and construction debris will easily find its way into all the little cracks and crevices, including your heating and cooling systems. Walls and windows should be cleaned as well; even newly painted walls will need a wash if drywall work has been involved. These are all tasks that you can contract out to a post-renovation janitorial service–like Can Jan.

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