Finished Renovating? Hire a Cleaning Service!

April 29, 2013Finished Renovating? Hire a Cleaning Service!


With few exceptions, most of us will find ourselves involved with some type of renovation during our lives. Often that renovation involves some part of the home, or even the office. Regardless of area to be renovated or the size of the project; the planning of both home and workplace renovation should include post renovation cleaning services. Simply assuming the construction crew will “sweep up” and dispose of any trash is incorrect, and it fails to adequately address safety, health, and aesthetic issues. Often people are shocked at the mess left behind by contractors!
Renovations impact many aspects of operations, and having a detailed plan avoids problems. The plan should address effects of the renovation on the foundation, external structure, electrical and plumbing, HVAC, as well as the finished interior. Home or workplace renovation projects should also incorporate provisions to assure that people can return to a safe space, free of health hazards.
Specific to this need for health and safety, each phase of the project can expose people to potential hazardous or nuisance materials, scraps, or waste in the form of dust, fibers, and chemicals. Some are barely visible and can travel airborne throughout the room or building. Find a professional cleaning service in Montreal who is trained to be aware of all construction related by products, such as metal shavings, carpet fibers, wood splinters, finishing chemicals, paint and solvents, and drywall debris.
Amateur cleaning services may lack the experience or the tools required to locate and dispose of these hazards professionally. However, professional cleaning services, using industrial grade vacuums and hot water extraction cleaners, will assure proper cleaning and edging of the carpet; removal of film from windows; and wiping and disinfecting inside cabinets and on flat surfaces. Using approved germicidal on all contact surfaces as well as a full range of environmentally certified cleaning chemicals, Can-Jan reputable cleaning services in Montreal will also include the post renovation services following:

Even the best intentions of do-it-yourself cleaners, or smaller limited capacity cleaning services, fall short of the professional grade cleaning services. The benefits of a thorough post renovation cleaning will have a beneficial effect on the living or working space long after the construction is completed.

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