Flexible Montreal Stadium Cleaning Services Knock it out of the Park

March 12, 2015Flexible Montreal Stadium Cleaning Services Knock it out of the Park

Sport, concert & public venues

Large public venues like stadiums require serious janitorial services! Because of the large-scale and high-traffic areas stadiums, theatres and concert halls have, keeping them clean takes some strategic planning, regularly scheduled maintenance and Montreal floor cleaning services. Due to the nature of these types of buildings, cleaning services need to be done around scheduled events. This requires a flexible Montreal cleaning service provider who understands the nature of the venue and who can provide adequate service on an adaptable and reliable schedule. Here are a few public venues that require specialized cleaning services:


High-traffic floor care

Due to the sheer volume of people that come through public arenas, floor care is the top priority. Montreal floor cleaning services need to be regular and able to handle the size and types of floors your venue has. Be sure to work with a company who has modern industrial floor cleaning equipment, appropriate floor care supplies, and experienced staff that will provide the level of sanitation necessary. Specialty floors like stages may require customized care, so talk to your Montreal floor cleaning provider to address any special areas.

Efficient seating area cleaning

The number one reason people avoid a venue is dirty seating areas. Having the necessary number of workers to go through and properly clean the massive seating areas can be a daunting task for in-house janitorial staff. This is an excellent part of your cleaning routine to consider handing over to an outside janitorial service. Not only will they have the required workforce, they also will have efficient and effective methods to clean your seating areas affordably and thoroughly. Have janitorial staff onsite during the event as well to sweep up or mop up any spills, maintain restrooms and deal with any minor cleaning issues during an event.

Boost security with a cleaning patrol

Depending on your venue and the event, there may be the need for increased security. Added security from cleaning patrols is a highly efficient way to increase your security without excessive expense. Especially when you combine janitorial tasks with a Montreal patrol cleaning service. Patrol cleaners are trained in security, as well as janitorial services thus combining these two essential services into one reliable and dependable service. With over 40 years now in Montreal cleaning service experience, Can-Jan is the trusted name for professional cleaning services. From office cleaning Montreal to security, we’ve got you covered. Call us today to find out how to book us for your venue.


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