Getting What You Pay For – Choosing the Best Montreal Cleaning Company

September 17, 2015Getting What You Pay For – Choosing the Best Montreal Cleaning Company

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Getting what you pay for is expected. But how do you know if you really are getting your money’s worth?

Getting what you pay for starts by assessing your cleaning services periodically. Any good Montreal cleaning company will provide ample and easy communication, timely and reliable services, flexibility and competitive pricing. If you are not provided with this kind of service on a consistent basis, you may not be in the right hands.

The next thing to watch is the quality of their workmanship. It’s easy to take notice if you are attentive to their work on a daily basis. Babysitting your cleaning provider should never be necessary. Take note of whether you feel that the work is being done properly or not. If you feel that you constantly need to keep things on track, you’re not dealing with the best cleaning company in Montreal.

Efficient and Streamlined Services

Efficient service is also important when choosing or re-evaluating your existing cleaning contract.

You most likely need only a simple cleaning routine, unless you’re dealing with sterile environments, food handling or chemistry. Selling you a bunch of unnecessary products, or suggesting services that are not crucial to the operation of your business are big signs you may not be dealing with the best cleaning company.

CanJan provides customized cleaning services across all industries in the Montreal region. From industrial plants to medical facilities and office buildings, we provide the best cleaning services at fair and competitive prices.

Safety is a Priority

This is a large consideration when looking for a good cleaning service provider.

Safety concerns are very real, and employing sloppy work or the misuse of potentially dangerous chemicals is something to be avoided. Work with a cleaning company that provides green cleaning options, fully trained and qualified staff, as well as up to date cleaning equipment.

Misuse of chemicals won’t just damage your facility; it can expose your team members to potentially harmful substances. If you’re finding your current cleaning provider is not making safety a priority, consider trying someone else.

Appropriate Insurance

Being bondable is more than just being reliable, they are also more credible.

Being bondable means that they will also back the work they do. And in the event that something goes wrong, there is coverage in place to deal with it. This is important to know for many businesses, since the money value and confidentiality concerns they have can be addressed through using bonded and insured service companies.

Can-Jan Inc. has total staff bonding and carries a $5 million dollar insurance policy.  So get your money’s worth by working with the best Montreal cleaning company! Call CanJan today, we’re ready to give you a hand!


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