How to Beat Winter—Carpet Cleaning in Montreal

January 16, 2015How to Beat Winter—Carpet Cleaning in Montreal

Cleaning up after winter

Montreal’s winters are a force to be reckoned with, including the mess that comes along with the cold and wet weather. From sub-zero temperatures to wet and windy days, there is a wide range of winter elements to create the ultimate mess in your buildings. Salt, slush, snow, ice and melt water all get tracked in, along with the extra dust and dirt from sanding roads and walkways. From top to bottom, everything gets extra dirty during the winter months, but waiting for spring to do your cleaning can do real damage to your flooring and other building surfaces.

Keep winter off your floors

The number one area to address during the winter months is your flooring. Regardless of the type of flooring you have in your building it will need extra maintenance and cleaning to keep it in shape through the winter months. Keep in mind the increased number of falls or other related accidents that happen in the winter. Serious falls and slips are the last thing you want to have on your hands. Whether it’s your employees or customers, keep them safe by preventing slips and other accidents from occurring. Be sure to do the following:

Working with a Montreal floor cleaning company is essential to proper floor care. Especially important are wood floors and carpets. Any area of your building that is finished in wood flooring will need to have some extra protection and floor cleaning put in place to deal with the wear and tear that winter dishes out.

Winter carpet care in Montreal

Commercial carpet cleaning can improve the life of your flooring dramatically, especially in high traffic areas. Regular and routine maintenance is the key to keeping your carpeting in great shape. To start with, carpeted areas need to be vacuumed often, in many cases every day. Using proper floor cleaning equipment is also important. Vacuums need to be powerful enough to do a thorough job and have appropriate filtration to ensure dust-borne germs are trapped. Applying spot cleaning treatments as necessary also can help eliminate unsightly stains from taking hold. Have supplies on hand for your employees to do this when needed, or hire a Montreal floor cleaner to take care of it.  Some cleaning services to consider this winter include:

Montreal’s deepest carpet cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning in Montreal provides a deeper clean than most do-it-yourself machines allow. Applying special enzymes to break down stains and soiled carpets not only provides better results; it is much better for the environment when compared to chemical alternatives. After the initial enzyme treatment has been applied, our powerful extraction machine injects carpets with hot water and a neutral cleaner. Because of the high-power of our machine, carpets often take less than 30 minutes to dry, allowing for no interruptions to you operation schedule.


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