How to Improve your Warehouse in 3 Easy Steps

November 19, 2013How to Improve your Warehouse in 3 Easy Steps

Clean Warehouses are Efficient Warehouses!

Warehouses. Montreal is full of them! Some of the largest warehouses in Canada are right here in the Montreal area. Finding a great warehouse cleaning service is among the top concerns of warehouse managers who are looking to cut down on accidents and increase the efficiency and productivity of their warehouse.

Canada’s Most Dangerous Jobs?

Warehouses can be among the most dangerous places to work; especially if they are unkempt or poorly managed. Furthering these risks are the types of materials housed within. Many industrial warehouses are full of dangerous materials that are not only hazardous to your health, but also pose risks of explosions or fire, and can be a threat to entire communities if something went wrong.

Top Priorities for Warehouse Cleaning:

Proper ventilation is the primary concern for any warehouse. Having good ventilation not only ensures the health of workers, it allows for goods to be stored in optimal conditions. After ventilation, the next concern is your floors. Keeping the floors clean and tidy will make it easier to work and minimize the potential for accidents like slip-and-falls. One of the top incidents reported in warehouses is workers tripping and falling over debris or improperly stored goods. Run a tight ship!

3 Easy Steps to Consistent Warehouse Cleaning

Step One: Determine the priorities for your warehouse’s cleaning. Depending on the daily operations and the types of goods your warehouse handles, your cleaning priorities may differ from other warehouses. Knowing how your warehouse runs is the first step in knowing how to make it run smoother.
Cleaning activities should be done that will improve and facilitate warehouse efficiency; not impede it. Schedule cleaning activities so that they don’t conflict with other activities and do periodical routine cleaning tasks throughout the day to avoid massive clean-up sessions at the end of the day.
Step Two: Hire a professional warehouse cleaning service. Hiring professional cleaners allows for thorough and proper cleaning of all areas of your warehouse. It is also a great way to boost security and prevent late night incidents. Having a human presence is one of the top deterrents for thieves. Combining your cleaning service and your security service will save you money and get the job done right.
Step Three: Keep cleaning supplies in the right locations. Cleaning supplies need to be located as close as possible to the areas where they will be used, especially if your workers are required to clean up periodically during the day. If you have workers walking clear across the warehouse for a broom, add those 5 minutes up over a year and you’ll quickly find out how much it costs!
Can-Jan is Montreal’s premiere cleaning service provider. We have a full line of green cleaning products, fully licenced and trained staff as well as a reputation you can trust. We would love to work with you! Call us 1 800-565-6234 and find out how to keep your warehouse clean and secure.

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