Improving Montreal Restroom Cleaning Services

April 09, 2015Improving Montreal Restroom Cleaning Services

​Everyone has to go to the...

Bathroom, restroom, washroom; however you call them, they require proper care and attention to ensure that they are not only maintained, but also that they are not a source of spreading contamination. The bathroom is also a direct reflection of your business, office or establishment and making sure that reflection is a good one means providing adequate cleaning, often provided by an outside office cleaning Montreal service.

Update your restroom cleaning checklist

We’ve all seen those checklists hanging somewhere inside a public washroom outlining the necessary tasks and initialed by staff members periodically during the day. This is a great start to making sure your washroom stays clean, but are you missing some important areas? Take a quick look through the following list to see if your checklist is up to snuff:

Don’t touch that!

No-touch design revolves around the idea of minimizing contact between people and washroom surfaces. Areas like the toilet handle; soap and paper dispensers, faucet handles and such are among the most contaminated areas in your washroom. These places are all showing up with motion sensor activated features. Not only does this minimize the need to touch these surfaces, it allows for the common culprits to be eliminated. A big improvement in many of today’s office cleaning Montreal services is the growth of no-touch cleaning practices using specially designed equipment and cleaning supplies that won’t further spread contamination into other areas of the building. This allows for thorough sanitizing without spreading the mess.


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