Montreal Cleaning Patrols—The Perfect Combination for Your Company

September 17, 2013Montreal Cleaning Patrols—The Perfect Combination for Your Company

Stay Safe at Night

Keeping your business safe is a big consideration for many Montreal companies. Depending on your location and the nature of your business as well, you may have a higher need for beefed-up security. There are many ways to do this and your options range from technical security systems, procedures and security staff to a myriad of specific measures worked into your daily operations. The best approach is often lies in combining several different and timely strategies.

Profit Margins Call For Smart Choices

Every business knows that profitability lies in balancing your income and expenditures, so finding ways to be streamlined and efficient are the basis for most decisions when it comes to business operations. Security can become expensive quickly, especially hiring a security crew that only patrols. One great option to add security to your building is by hiring a security patrol that also provides your cleaning services.

The Perfect Combination for Montreal Companies

Can-Jan in Montreal have been offering these services for many years now, and local Montreal building owners love the combination of security and janitorial services. By having a cleaning patrol in your building, you not only come out sparkling clean each morning, but you have the needed security on site that comes with having bondable staff on site during the most vulnerable hours. If you pair this up with a quality security system and other security measures to prevent theft or vandalism you will greatly reduce or eliminate problems.

Some Added Benefits of Working with Can-Jan:

The Human Touch

It cannot be understated how valuable it is to have a human presence in your buildings. No security system can replace the eyes, ears and tangible presence that security staff have. One of the biggest deterrents for potential invaders is the presence of regular night staff. It creates instant accountability and the ability to respond to a situation, rather than simply record it or sound an alarm.
When you combine security with your janitorial services, having this human presence becomes quite attainable and affordable. Reserve your security patrol today and sleep well at night! Can-Jan will keep tabs on your business and provide the best cleaning services available by fully trained and bondable staff. Give us a call and find out more.
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