Montreal Cleaning Service Lists Top 7 Dirtiest Places in Schools

October 27, 2014Montreal Cleaning Service Lists Top 7 Dirtiest Places in Schools

School Season Brings Cold & Flu Season

It’s well known that with the return of school season the plague of common colds, flus and the likes also returns. But with some common-sense strategies and thorough cleaning and sanitizing of Montreal schools, we can reduce the occurrence of school-borne illnesses. First up, the worse culprits are not necessarily where you think they may be. Many people immediately think the bathroom is a danger zone. But contrary to popular thought, bathrooms often tend to be cleaned more frequently and thoroughly than other areas. In fact, public washrooms can be cleaner than the drinking fountain! The dirtiest and germiest places in schools are1:

  1. Drinking fountains
  2. Cafeteria trays and plates
  3. Door handles, light switches, and other touch points
  4. Keyboards
  5. Student’s hands
  6. Toilet seats
  7. Animal cages

Combine exposure to germs and bacteria in these areas with lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition and you compound the risk of coming down with an illness.

Finding A Solution

Many school managers tackle the obvious locations and cleaning tasks (like bathrooms). What poses a larger challenge is taking care of the ongoing maintenance of bigger tasks, like floor maintenance and special or seasonal cleaning projects. Areas such as lockers, gym equipment, common areas or specialty areas tend to become marginalized in the day-to-day cleaning routines. Pair that with the budget and time constraints prevalent across provincial school board operating budgets and you quickly find a bare minimum janitorial routine. That being said, it is very possible to implement a fitting and efficient Montreal janitorial service that addresses your school’s particular needs.

Focus on What Matters

Take some time to look at your school’s unique needs. Do you have special programs or equipment that create or require additional janitorial services? Are the basic janitorial tasks being performed thoroughly and regularly, or do they get sidelined frequently to take care of maintenance issues?  What about doing some extra deep cleaning like sanitizing some of those dirty areas we outlined earlier? Make sure you consider all areas of your school, including:

Work with your existing janitors to create a checklist or plan to work from. Decide who can efficiently take care of which tasks, and find help to take care of others. Hiring a janitorial service in Montreal will allow your existing staff to focus on daily or specialty cleaning tasks while the cleaning service Montreal can come in and take care of the rest. Using a cleaning service is also an excellent way to tackle special projects like locker and equipment cleaning, or floor maintenance.


1   US Public Health And Safety Organization

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