Montreal Cleaning Services & Maintenance Solve Sick Building Syndrome

February 26, 2015Montreal Cleaning Services & Maintenance Solve Sick Building Syndrome

What is Sick Building Syndrome?

Regular building cleaning and maintenance is key to having a healthy building environment. Buildings that have been neglected or particularly old buildings can develop what is known as “sick building syndrome.” Basically it involves a variety of health problems experienced by people who frequent the building. Among them are respiratory problems, fatigue, headaches, nausea and others. If you currently have to deal with this problem, take heart; there are many ways to tackle it. Solving an issue such as this involves using several tactics, including regularly scheduled Montreal cleaning services and building maintenance services. Some common causes of sick building syndrome include:

Solving Sick Building Syndrome

Once you realize you have an issue with your building contact a Montreal cleaning service to do a walkthrough your building. They will be able to quickly identify problem areas and recommend appropriate solutions. Removing pollutants and other sources of contamination is the first step in addressing this problem. You’ll also need to have your ventilation and HVAC systems properly cleaned and assessed, perhaps partially replaced if they are outdated. Increasing the ventilation and undergoing a rigorous air cleaning process can also make a huge difference in the health of your building, once you’ve addressed any problem areas. Ask your Montreal cleaning service about performing these services and their approximate cost.

Preventing Sick Building Syndrome

Prevention is far more valuable than curing problems. The truth is that developing a sick building can be avoided entirely through the performance of adequate cleaning services and building maintenance schedules. Being sure that your HVAC systems are up to date and comply with current provincial standards will ensure your building is properly ventilated, a key factor in preventing sick buildings. Maintaining these systems yearly is necessary to ensure air quality is optimal year round. Consider bi-annual service of these systems to increase the health of your building. Also keep tabs on your electricity consumption and systems, condition of the buildings shell and roof as well as wear and tear on interior finishing. Make a point of keeping your building up to date.

Arrange for Montreal Cleaning Services

Adequate and thorough Montreal cleaning services will help prevent and solve many problematic building issues. Proper floor care, dust control, window cleaning and washroom maintenance all contribute largely to the overall state of your building. Taking care of these cleaning tasks regularly and properly prolongs the life of your building and contribute to a healthy environment. Maintenance and service areas also need to be kept clean as they can quickly become a haven for dust, bacteria, molds and vermin. Keep a tidy ship! Hiring a team of professional Montreal cleaning services will help you get your building back into shape.


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