Montreal Cleaning Services Tips—Three Steps to the Cleanest Factory

July 09, 2014Montreal Cleaning Services Tips—Three Steps to the Cleanest Factory

A Unique Janitorial Challenge

The cleaning and maintenance of factories is one of the most demanding contract cleaning jobs. Not just because they can be so large, but also because of the wide variety of processes and materials they can involve. Factory cleaning can range from sterile to industrial environments  and each type of factory will have its own unique challenges. Another challenge can lie in balancing operation schedules with the need to schedule maintenance.
Some Montreal cleaning companies won’t be able to handle the scope of factory cleaning, for a variety of reasons. It is one of the most demanding types of janitorial services in Montreal. But to find a company who will do the job right, look for things like ISO certification, full insurance, quality cleaning equipment, experience and exceptional products.

The First Step to a Clean Factory

The first thing to consider when implementing a factory cleaning program is the type of factory you’re dealing with. The types of required cleaning and maintenance will largely be dictated by the types of materials your factory handles and the processes performed there. Any environment that produces or processes any food or medical products will have to follow government regulated practices, both in production and sanitization.
For industrial or mechanical type factories your challenges may be very different. You likely handle large volumes of raw materials, chemicals and other elements. Various machining and production processes will create large volumes of waste, in the form of shavings, dust or fluids. All of these by by-products have the potential to be dangerous and must be dealt with efficiently and promptly.

Two Points For Factory Cleaning

An exceptional factory cleaning program will consist of two parts – the first will fall in the hands of the factory workers; to keep their work area clean while on duty. They can also help greatly by cleaning up debris and waste as it is produced, rather than letting it accumulate over the span of a shift. The second part lies in hiring a Montreal cleaning service who can deal with your type of factory efficiently and effectively.
Any potential janitorial service you consider for cleaning and maintaining your factory must have both the equipment and the staff to handle the job. Another great tip here is to consider planning for major maintenance and cleaning services over the construction holidays or other breaks. This allows you to coordinate disruptive activities during slower production times.
Can-Jan has been cleaning Montreal’s factories (and many other types of businesses) since 1961; we have what it takes to do the job well! Give us a call today and find out how our services can benefit your business.

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