Montreal Commercial Cleaning Services for New Condos

July 29, 2015Montreal Commercial Cleaning Services for New Condos

​New Construction Cleaning

Many residential and commercial construction companies rely on outside contractors to bid on and handle their construction site cleaning needs. This can range from sorting and disposing of various post-construction materials to the commercial cleaning services inside the finished building. Once construction has wrapped up, pretty much every surface inside and out needs a once over. Because it’s usually not profitable for construction companies to perform the final cleaning themselves, outsourcing this task is necessary. That’s where finding and hiring an experienced Montreal cleaning service comes in.

Montreal Commercial Cleaning Services

Choosing to have a Montreal commercial cleaning service take care of this aspect of finishing a new condo is a real time and money saver; not to mention a great convenience for many local condo building companies. Our post-construction cleaning services provide detailed services efficiently and affordably, allowing construction companies to do what they do best: build condos! We also carry the required insurance to properly handle any size of cleaning job. From a quick spot cleaning to deep cleaning post construction sites, we have the expertise and crew to do a great job.

Post Construction Cleaning Tasks

Depending on each individual condo project cleaning tasks required can vary greatly. If the construction company has removed all construction related trash from the site, the remaining cleaning tasks are generally more involved in cleaning the inside of the building to make it ready for use. If trash and recycling has not been taken care of, that’s the first step in cleaning house. Once the construction crews have packed up and left, there is usually at bare minimum a very good dusting required. Drywall dust in particular clings to just about every surface, meaning a top-to-bottom wipe down is in order. Particular attention to any horizontal surfaces is necessary as this is obviously where most of the dust and debris will catch.

Quick List of Post-Construction Cleaning Tasks

New condos, for example, require a thorough post construction cleaning before the keys are handed over to the owners. The following list outlines a few of the cleaning services we provide as part of our new construction cleaning services.

If you’re a contractor in need of post-construction cleaning services, give us a call today. We’re ready to get your worksite tidied up and handed over to the new owners.



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