Montreal Janitorial Services—Summer Office Cleaning Tips

August 06, 2013Montreal Janitorial Services—Summer Office Cleaning Tips

During the hot and humid summer months here in Montreal, local buildings are exposed to dust, dirt, pollens and the effects of smog. Throw in foot and vehicle traffic and you’ve got a mess! Many people suffer from allergies and other health problems that make being exposed to such irritants harmful and uncomfortable. Summertime is also a great time to take care of cleaning tasks like window cleaning, duct cleaning and re-finishing floors.

Because of the warmer weather, there are a few tasks that are easier to be taken care of during the summer months:

Service and clean your air conditioning unit

To make sure your unit runs the most efficiently have it serviced by a certified air conditioner company.

Service and clean your heating unit

Beat the rush this fall and have your unit and duct work cleaned and serviced so it’s ready for the winter heating season.

Wash your walls

Summer is the perfect time to tackle a project like wall-washing. With less traffic during the vacation period, now is the perfect time to have a Montreal cleaning service come in and clean up the walls.

Clean blinds and drapes

Often overlooked, having your blinds removed and cleaned is an important task that will make a huge impact on removing dust and other irritants from the building. This is especially important for blinds hung on windows that are open, as they tend to trap even more outside pollutants. This is a particularly dirty job, and hiring a Montreal cleaning service will make your life a lot easier!

Carpet cleaning

Summer is the ideal time to have your carpets professionally cleaned. Because of the warm weather, it is not only easier to do—your rugs will also dry faster in warm weather.

Window cleaning

Smog and dust clings to glass; and when you mix in traffic and the odd rain get dirty windows, fast. Hire a Montreal window cleaning service today and let some light in!

Can Jan in Montreal specializes in all types of cleaning services! Some of our clients include:

Office buildingsHospitals & Clinics
Retail StoresBanks
SchoolsBig-Box Stores
WarehousesCar Dealerships
Shopping MallsChurches & Synagogues
Grocery Stores







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