Montreal Medical Office Cleaning Services – What’s the Difference?

May 25, 2015Montreal Medical Office Cleaning Services – What’s the Difference?


Montreal Office Cleaning VS Medical Cleaning Services

Providing professional Montreal office cleaning services is one type of service we commonly provide to our clients. Another type is medical office cleaning services. What’s the difference? Isn’t an office an office? Not exactly. Keep on reading and find out why.

The Main Difference

While the office environment is quite similar across most industries; what is unique about medical offices is the need for sterilization. Every office can benefit from sanitization practices, but in a medical office it is crucial. Not only do you have a steady stream of sick and injured people coming through, you have the numerous administration tasks that interface with these people. It’s certainly not a no-touch zone. People coming in require contact with staff members, equipment and facilities. These in turn require proper sanitization.



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