Montreal Office Maintenance – Benefits of Outsourcing

May 27, 2013Montreal Office Maintenance – Benefits of Outsourcing


Enterprises of all sizes sometimes try to tackle housekeeping duties themselves. This isn't an activity that adds value to your business; and whether you do it yourself or get an employee to help, you're often wasting time that could be better spent on building your company.
No matter what your office maintenance and janitorial needs, it's always worth searching for a company to outsource this work to. Costs can be reasonable, the quality of work will be exceptional, and you'll have a clean, modern workspace at your disposal. Here are eight things to think about when hiring a cleaning company:
 1. Company structure: Do they have staff, or is it an owner/operator business? When considering a Montreal office maintenance company, be sure that they have the staff necessary to perform the work.
 2. Liability: if you undertake your own cleaning, you may run into problems with health and safety legislation, plus the risk of damage to your own equipment. Legitimate cleaning companies will have fully trained staff as well as the appropriate insurance to cover them if something goes wrong.
 3. Staff availability: It's already a struggle to balance your business commitments. Cleaning is going to be something you only ever do when you or someone else has a little free time. By outsourcing to a Montreal office maintenance company, you can arrange for cleaners to do their work outside of business hours, leaving you to get on with other things.
 4. Hygiene standards: Maintaining a fully hygienic workspace is not as easy as it seems, and a professional eye will see cleaning tasks that you might miss. This is especially important in the food industry, but applies to every business.
5. Best practices: You know in your own field that having the right tools is essential to success. A professional office maintenance company will have the most modern equipment and professional practices that ensure the job is done efficiently and correctly.
6. Manage your costs: Taking on the additional cost of a cleaning service might seem daunting, but you can scale this to suit your needs. Arrange a schedule that keeps your workplace pristine while keeping costs down.
 7. Saving money overall: Remember that even if you clean yourself, you have to pay for cleaning equipment and occasional hire of cleaning machines. That's besides the additional salary you'll be paying out if a staff member is doing the cleaning. Hiring a company to do it for you allows you to compartmentalize all cleaning expenses in one tax-deductible invoice.
8. Environmentally friendly: Some Montreal office maintenance companies, like Can-Jan have a strong commitment to providing green options like chemicals and sprays that are eco-friendly. By hiring someone with these values, you demonstrate your own company's commitment to the environment.

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