Moving Season Tips for Montreal Condo & Apartment Caretakers

June 11, 2015Moving Season Tips for Montreal Condo & Apartment Caretakers

Time to Get Moving!

With Montreal’s official moving season just around the corner, it’s time to get your building’s cleaning services in place. From high-rise downtown condos to the numerous apartment complexes throughout Montreal neighborhoods; there will soon be a flurry of moving day activity. Once suites are emptied, it’s time to touch up paint jobs, take care of any maintenance issues and hopefully have floors and carpets cleaned before the new tenants move in. Things like professional carpet cleaning services, window cleaning services, and floor care are all important components of good condo/apartment management.

Condo/Apartment Caretakers

For caretakers and building managers, this season is often one of the busiest. There’s no doubt that the workload can double or triple during June and July. Being a caretaker can mean you perform a wide variety of tasks in any given day. From minor repairs and maintenance, dealing with legal matters, finding and supervising workers, communicating with tenants, workers and service providers; it’s a big job! But, there are some little tips that can make this time of year go smoothly, regardless of how many buildings you’re responsible for.

Be and Stay Organized

The first tip is to stay organized. If you’re a building manager, chances are you’re pretty good at being organized about your workload. Keeping track of budgets and finances, maintenance schedules, seasonal tasks and tenancy rates all take time. So does advertising and interviewing potential tenants. If you’re organized about these tasks it will take less time and increase your success at managing the building well.

Delegating Services

Wherever you have the ability to budget for outsourcing services take advantage of it. Montreal cleaning services aren’t as expensive as you may think and hiring out the janitorial tasks for a condominium or apartment complex can cut huge amounts of time from your workload. If you work with a reliable and experienced Montreal cleaning service you will also be sure to improve the building’s quality and cleanliness.

Keep a Record…of Everything

It may seem tedious, but keep records. Maintenance and cleaning tasks, sub-contracted labour, resident issues, current tenants, purchased materials and everything else you can think of all need to be tracked. Keeping a paper trail can save the day if an accident or problem with tenants or workers ever occurs. If a matter ever goes to court, having detailed records can make your case the one that comes out on top.

Care About Your Building

Actually caring about your building’s reputation and quality is important. It’s one thing to just do your job; it’s another to put your heart into it. Caring about the tenants and the building translates into a great atmosphere to live and work in. Many issues can be avoided when the management cares and demonstrates it. Providing professional Montreal cleaning services to maintain and clean a building regularly is one way to do this.

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