Planning Ahead For Summer 2014 Staff Vacations

May 28, 2014Planning Ahead For Summer 2014 Staff Vacations

Summer is On Its Way!

Summer is fast approaching, and with summer comes vacation time! While everyone loves a little time off in the sun, it can leave a big gap in your daily business routines. The first things that usually slip are the extra tasks that regular employees are usually responsible for. Things like office cleaning and other janitorial duties suddenly are not being done. That can be a problem for your business and for other employees who may not have the time to pick up the slack. With employees booking their time off now, it’s a great time to think about how to cover the gaps in your team; before summer hits. Be Prepared For Summer 2014!
They key in planning ahead is to have your schedules worked out as far in advance as possible. While there will always be some last minute changes and unexpected absences or requests, you can build the general framework for your summer schedules now.  Start by knowing when your employees will be taking vacations; and get exact dates. Then overlay all the requests to see if there are any overlaps or gaps. Knowing potentially tricky times, ahead of time, will help you deal with any problems before they arise.

Be Prepared For Unexpected Absences

Expect the unexpected. You never know when an employee may call in sick or have to take a leave of absence for medical or other reasons. If something like this crops up, you have to consider the effect on the rest of your staff. Is it reasonable to ask  your remaining team members to take over the extra duties, in part or in full? Usually there will be parts that can be handled by your existing staff, and parts that cannot. Be realistic in your expectations and be sure not to overload your team.

Hire Help Where Necessary

Once you know the dates where you’ll be short on staff, consider hiring extra help to cover tasks that you can outsource. One great option is to hire a Montreal cleaning patrol service. Patrol cleaning provides an efficient cleaning service combined with a security patrol, which is especially great if you are short-staffed. Having a reliable and quality cleaning service will also ease the burden on your employees, while getting the job done well.

Things Worth Keeping

You may want to consider permanently hiring a patrol cleaning service to cover the basics of your janitorial and security needs. Knowing you have this in place will mean you have less to worry about when you do experience employee absences. Consistent and thorough cleaning will not only maintain a professional and healthy atmosphere, it will also contribute to the productivity of your entire team by allowing them to focus on their areas of expertise; and not on daily cleaning tasks.
Can-Jan has been providing exceptional patrol cleaning and other janitorial services throughout Montreal for many years. Our reliable employees can replace your regular staff members while they are on vacation or medical leave. Give us a call today!


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