Post Construction Cleaning Overwhelming You?
Montreal Cleaning Services to the Rescue!

February 05, 2014Post Construction Cleaning Overwhelming You? <br />Montreal Cleaning Services to the Rescue!

Construction work can leave a lot of disorderly chatter and clutter which in most cases can be a sanitary issue and a health hazard as well. With the recently announced demolitions and reconstruction of a large number of schools in Montreal, most of which are CSDM, it is no doubt that post-construction clean-up is bound to be overwhelming and janitorial services will be highly sought after. The good news is that the Coalition for Healthy Schools CSDM in conjunction with the maintenance workers and janitors doesn't have to deal with this large scale post construction clean-up all alone.
The need for the best post renovation janitorial services in Montreal is paramount in order to get these schools back on track without any more delays! Here are reasons why CSDM should let Montreal Cleaning Services lighten the clean-up load:

Highly trained and reliable janitorial staff

Post construction clean-up demands extra attention to details and calls for a thorough job all around. It is important to ascertain that the clean-up job is done right off the bat so you get your money's worth with minimal complaints! Our professional janitors are quick and efficient but never sloppy!

Properly equipped and suited for the task ahead

We offer cutting edge cleaning services with the use of current technology that is guaranteed to give the desired results. With our superior cleaning equipment we will not only get the job done fast but also get it done satisfactorily. From carpet to bare floors, we ensure that we use equipment that is suited for task and is gentle on your newly renovated space!

We are diligent about our impact on the environment

Considering that the main reason the CSDM is undergoing reconstruction is to ensure the safety and health of both students and teachers, we also are very proactive in ensuring the use of gentle cleaning materials. For instance, our environmentally approved floor strippers ensure that a neutral pH balance is retained long after cleaning, keeping you safe and the environment "greener".

Our services are client-centered

You call the shots. Name it and we will get it done on your schedule, your terms and to your satisfaction! With the planned CSDM renovation, janitors are likely to be overwhelmed. We offer patrol cleaning that will get your janitors and maintenance workers off the clock for a much needed rest and our staff onboard for a meticulous cleaning job.

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