Priorities For Montreal Bank Cleaning Services

November 07, 2014Priorities For Montreal Bank Cleaning Services

Portraying a Professional Image

Banks are equated with professional and businesslike atmospheres and attitudes. Aside from the actual services given to clients, the maintenance and cleaning (or lack of) contributes to your bank’s image in a very significant manner. More powerful than many people realize, the appearance and level of cleanliness can have a huge impact on clients and prospective clients.

For establishments like banks, this is a major consideration to be addressed in their daily operation routines. Neglecting this aspect can seem like a cost saving strategy in some aspects, but in the long run causes more harm than dollars saved. Choosing to hire the help of a Montreal cleaning service can benefit your bank greatly. There are a few key priorities when it comes to the appearance and cleaning routing of your bank:

ATM Zones. Not only a possibly germ-infested zone, ATM’s are the face of your bank 24 hours, 7 days a week. Maintaining your ATM and its surrounding area says a lot about how you do business. Clean, safe, inviting ATM zones send a positive message to everyone who uses them. Include the ATM zone and the ATM itself for regular cleaning and disinfecting.

Teller Stations. The busiest place in any bank is usually at the teller stations. Along with the typical line-up style cues, teller stations receive hundreds (or more) of people each day. That’s a lot of foot traffic, wear and tear, and potential germ spreading. Make sure your janitorial service addresses all touch points within the teller area, including the line dividers, railings, counters, pens and keyboards. Be sure to disinfect your client pin-pads to prevent them from harbouring nasty germs.

Washrooms. Be known for having a clean washroom. It may seem unrelated, but most likely you can remember businesses where you visited a super clean and stylish washroom. People feel valued and cared for when your washrooms are above and beyond the bar in cleanliness and design.

Flooring.  Keeping floors clean and maintained is a big job. Hiring a professional floor maintenance company is a great way to ensure this is achieved. It also contributes to the longevity and value of your building.

Security. According to the scale of your bank, both obvious and discreet security measures are important. People appreciate the reassurance that comes with knowing they and their money is safe. Invest in appropriate security measures that will contribute to your overall plan. One great option to consider is hiring a Montreal cleaning patrol. Not only will your security take a boost, you can have routine cleaning services performed at the same time.


For banks looking to send a professional and positive image, Can-Jan’s Montreal cleaning services are a great option. Can-Jan is bonded, insured, and employs a team of carefully screened and trained staff to provide reliable services inline with security clearance requirements of our financial institution clientele. We offer discreet and secure Montreal cleaning services throughout the Montreal area.



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