Quick Guide To Keeping Commercial Floors In Tip Top Shape

January 22, 2014Quick Guide To Keeping Commercial Floors In Tip Top Shape

Most office buildings and other commercial properties have an array of flooring types in different areas. Each type of flooring has its own special method of being maintained. A reputable licensed flooring specialist should always be acquired to keep commercial floors at top standard. The most prevalent flooring in many commercial buildings are vinyl composition tiling, carpeting, and hardwood flooring; and each one requires a different type of care to remain in remarkable form.

High Traffic Areas Require Heavy Duty Care

Vinyl composition tile is commonly used in high traffic areas such as in lobbies of office buildings, department stores, and supermarkets. This floor is designed to handle the constant comings and goings of people in a really high volume. But, maintenance is more extensive when it comes to this type of resilient flooring.
Usually in commercial and office buildings, property management desires to maintain the floors to keep them appearing as attractive as possible by displaying a glossy shine. To obtain that particular shine, a sealer or a finish has to be applied to the floor. To maintain the shine for a long period of time, the floor has to be swept and mopped often with a pH cleaning solution.
When the floors start to appear lackluster, a flooring company will be scheduled to come in and strip the floors and re-coat with the finish to bring the floor back to its original sparkling state. The stripping and re-coating process has to take place during the lowest volume of traffic and some areas may have to be temporarily barricaded to keep people from tracking up the floor until the finish is in its final stages of completion.

Lingering Carpet Dirt Can Cause Major Problems

Carpet, which is more commonly found in office suites, simply because of easier maintenance, requires proper care to ensure its protection from daily wear and tear, especially in high traffic environments. With commercial carpet, dirt can tend to linger, which can destroy the fibers over time. Therefore, commercial carpet should be vacuumed on a regular daily basis and steam-cleaned on occasion. This maintenance method can remove a considerable amount of dirt from the carpet. Also, frequently vacuuming the carpet will allow it to last much longer, which will save the owner very much money down the road.

Water and Wood Don't Really Mix

Although most office suites prefer carpeted areas, others tend to select beautiful uniquely designed hardwood floors. These floors need to be regularly protected from any type of moisture, dirt, or staining substances. Wooden floors tend to scratch easily and most flooring specialist recommend that people who frequent the area should probably invest in some scuff-resistant footwear. But, sometimes it is not that simple and, therefore, a microfiber mop should be utilized when performing any type of cleaning on hardwood floors. There cannot be an excessive amount of water used during the cleaning process. Only wood cleaners should be used on hardwood floors. Steer away from using wood polishes, due the fact that it can produce a slippery surface that could definitely result in an unwanted liability.
With all the ins and outs and special methods for cleaning and maintaining office building and other commercial building flooring, it is definitely best to have a flooring specialist handy to carry-out the heavy duty task. Can-Jan, a floor cleaning specialist located in Montreal, and specializing in various janitorial services, can get the job done.
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