Reasons to Hire a Professional Montreal Carpet Cleaner

October 29, 2013Reasons to Hire a Professional Montreal Carpet Cleaner

Consistent floor care not only improves the look of your building, but also its functionality and health. Clean carpets and floors that are properly sealed and maintained add value and class to your building and although carpets require a little extra care, it’s not as difficult or inconvenient as many people think. Gone are the long drying times and invasive nature of having your carpets cleaned professionally in Montreal.

The Dirtiest Place in Your Building

Carpets are probably one of the dirtiest areas in a building. When you stop and think about it, most commercial or office buildings have high traffic carpeted areas. And where you have traffic, you have dirt. And not just dirt, but every other contaminant you can imagine sticking to your footwear. We’ll spare you the list of nasty substances tracked into your building’s carpeted areas; but let’s point out that none of them are substances you’d ever willingly touch. Or want lying around your home or business.
Another big factor that contributes to the misery of many people is dust. And up to 70% of dust is actually dead skin particles. Where there is dead skin…there are likely dust mites. Both of these can cause allergic reactions or asthma and other breathing problems.

Add to the Life of Your Floors

Carpets that are vacuumed and professionally cleaned on a regular basis will last longer. Dirt and other particles that become trapped in the fibres of your carpet rub and break down the carpet fibres, dulling the colour, staining and causing damage. This will greatly shorten the lifespan of your carpet. So if you’d like your flooring to last, make plans to keep it clean!

Professional Montreal Carpet Cleaner

Can-Jan professional carpet cleaning service will soak your carpet using a special blend of enzymes to attack dirt and other substances and break them down. Using these enzymes also adds germicidal properties to your carpet. The process we use not only eliminates almost all traces of dirt, stains and allergens; it is easy to perform and requires very little drying time.
Once the enzyme solution soaking process is finished, we then use our powerful machine to inject the carpet with hot water and a neutral cleaning agent. Once the carpet is saturated, we can begin the extraction process and remove soils and stains from the carpet.
Because of our modern carpet cleaning equipment and solutions we are able to offer drying times to less than 30 minutes.
Some of our common carpet cleaning service calls include:
If you’d like to have your building or home professionally cleaned, call us today at Can-Jan. We can get your carpets looking brand new in no time!

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