Rental Management – Harness the Power of A Positive First Impression

November 06, 2015Rental Management – Harness the Power of A Positive First Impression

The Power of First Impressions

First impressions are lasting impressions, this applies to so much more than meeting new people. First impressions are just as lasting when it comes to places, businesses and buildings. If you’re in the real estate or rental market, then you know how important it is to make a positive first impression on your potential buyers or renters; especially the ones you want to attract.

Regardless of the type of rental or real estate you have (commercial or residential) it’s a big deal to make sure everything is ‘’up to snuff’’ before you start showing a place. From staging to professional cleaning services, creating a positive first impression takes a little forethought and a little preparation.

What Kind of Message Are You Sending?

First, think about the people you’d like to see renting or buying your place. Understand that people and businesses looking for a quality rental will expect to see things up to par. Clean, organized and well maintained spaces are just the beginning. These all demonstrate what type of atmosphere potential renters are getting into, if it’s not a positive one; you may be losing out on finding quality renters or buyers for your units.

Take a look around the exterior of your building: is it in disrepair, does it need cleaning up, does it need updating or landscaping, does it send a negative message about who lives there? These are all things you need to look at and address before you can attract quality renters.

Building Management

Everything from signage, logistical methods, to the personality of your leasing agents comes into play when making a first impression. Having friendly, yet professional staff to sign paperwork, show units, answer questions as well as take care of the building, will help you find the right tenants the first time around.

If your team members are not sending the message you need for your rental spaces, take the time to do some re-training and re-focus your group on what message and what first impression you want to send.

Avoid the Biggest Mistake

One of the number one factors that cause people to walk away from a potential rental is uncleanliness. The show unit may be immaculate, but what about the actual space being rented out and everywhere in between? Worn and dirty carpets, walls with finger marks, visible wear and tear all give the impression that someone is not taking care of the place. If given a choice, the majority of people will choose a place that is cared for and clean. That’s why having a reliable cleaning service take care of weekly cleaning tasks in your building is a smart way to keep things up to par at all times.

Arrange to have a Montreal floor cleaning service to come in seasonally to be sure your floors and surfaces are always maintained. Sparkling floors and freshly dusted and cleaned lobbies, windows and more can do wonders when it comes to renting your residential space!

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