Security Equipment Maintenance & Inspection Tips for Montreal Businesses

March 27, 2015Security Equipment Maintenance & Inspection Tips for Montreal Businesses

Out of the deep freeze

Nobody will argue that February was an extreme winter experience. After the grime of our recent deep-freeze weather, it’s time to take a look at cleaning up! While exterior cleaning is an ongoing process, ideally performed periodically throughout the year, it can benefit from the boost of seasonal cleaning services. Spring cleaning tasks like edifice cleaning Montreal, window cleaning, exterior light cleaning and exterior camera cleaning are all available to get your establishment back in top shape for spring and ensure that security is uncompromised.

Edifice cleaning Montreal

With spring just around the corner our minds quickly turn to warmer weather, flowers and afternoons spent in the sparkling Montreal terrasses and cafes. It’s going to take a little elbow grease to get the city ready for that. That’s where Montreal edifice cleaning services come in. It doesn’t take an expert to see the buildup of dirt, dust and grime on the exterior of every building in Montreal. It does take a team of hard-working professionals to remove it though! Depending on your location, edifice cleaning can entail a few safety precautions to ensure that pedestrians, traffic, workers and customers are not endangered while the cleaning process is being performed. Hiring a professional service to perform edifice cleaning in Montreal is a smart idea. Make sure they have adequate insurance, equipment and employees to perform the job well.

Increased building security

While dirty building exteriors are unsightly, there is an even more important reason to inspect, maintain and clean these areas: Security. Lighting and cameras get covered in grime, need adjusting or repairing, as well as replacing broken or burnt out bulbs. The exterior lighting attached to your building, parking areas and other locations are paramount to the overall security of both your buildings and the people who work/live there. Security systems in particular need to be maintained and monitored to ensure accuracy and reliability. Cameras, sensors and other security system components will benefit greatly from being cleaned, adjusted and calibrated as necessary. Hiring an outside Montreal office cleaning service to perform these tasks will ensure your systems and equipment are clean and up to the job.

Security services in Montreal

Considering security services to boost the overall safety of your location? Or to address a security issue? Can-Jan provides a variety of security patrol services throughout Montreal. We even provide specialized cleaning patrol services. This service combines a variety of cleaning services (tailored to your needs) with serious security patrols. In business since 1961, Montreal office cleaning and security is our specialty. Give us a call today to find out more.


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