Spring Cleaning for Office and Retail

April 15, 2014Spring Cleaning for Office and Retail

Spring has arrived and it’s time for the annual cleanup and everyone, it seems, wants to get in on the action. And why not, it is as good a time as any to clean out the musty smell of winter and usher in the clean, crisp aroma of spring. Here are some cleaning tips to help get you started:

Spring cleaning in the office

Spring cleaning time is a good time to re-arrange your office and clear out some of the clutter. You can start with the filing system. By getting rid of old files that you don't need any more and re-labeling the ones you'd like to keep. While you're at it, give your drawers and file cabinets a thorough cleaning to remove any dust that may have accumulated over the winter and wipe down all the doors and walls.
Your office has endured a lot of traffic since last spring and, no doubt, it shows in your floor’s appearance. So, the first order of business is to bring those dull floors back to life. First, remove all the office furniture and go over the floor with a dust mop. Then tape-off any doorways that lead to carpeted areas. You’re ready for the stripper.
Air ducts and ventilation systems are another concern. A clogged ventilation system will not perform correctly and that could create a health concern. So, make sure you clean all air vents in your office and change out all the air filters. And, spring cleaning is also a good time to finally get around to washing those grungy windows. Your office will look much more attractive if the windows are clean.

Spring cleaning in retail stores

For pharmacy, grocery and clothing stores, spring cleaning means getting rid of products that have been sitting on the shelves all winter. Many of them have probably exceeded their expiration dates and must go, especially if they are food items.
And, since spring means warmer weather, any clothing that didn't sell over the winter has to be rotated out, or sold at cut-rate prices to get rid of any merchandise that is out of season. The decrease in inventory will also give you the opportunity to take care of other chores like giving that old carpet a thorough deep-cleaning.
But, why put yourself through all the trouble. You're a busy person with other duties to attend to. So why not let the professionals come in and do all your spring cleaning for you. The Can-Jan team are experts at cleaning lobbies, offices, showrooms, laboratories and stores. They are also expert at stripping off old wax from floors and re-waxing them. Can-Jan will also deep-clean carpets to remove any particulate matter that can become airborne by foot traffic and will also make your business's windows sparkle.
So, contact Can-Jan janitorial services in Montreal and turn over all your spring cleaning needs to them.
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