Spring Cleaning Tips for the Office

March 22, 2013Spring Cleaning Tips for the Office

Spring time marks the calendar this Wednesday, and so begins the annual event we all undertake at home and office...Spring Cleaning! Here at Can-Jan, spring cleaning is our business, and nobody does it better. We have a few tips to help you get your seasons switched effortlessly. Read on for the best ways to clean up the office after the heated stuffy days of winter have passed.

Organize desks, files, and storage rooms
No better place to start than right in front of you! Go through your desks and workspaces to purge out papers, supplies, and any junk that has been hibernating in your drawers and shelves. File documents in the right place and once-over your file cabinets. Dust and clean desktops, computers, and shelves and make sure you organize supplies in an easy to find way.
Get the carpets professionally cleaned
After all the salty grime that is tracked in from the streets, countless days of the heat pumping in dusty dry air, and the daily treading of the office, having your carpets cleaned by a professional is one of the biggest ways to tidy up. Not only does it instantly improve the look of your workspace, but health wise it is number one in reducing airborne allergens and irritants.
Have floors stripped and re-waxed
Much the same as having the carpets cleaned; give your linoleum floors the same professional treatment. Strip off the old beaten layers and have them shined up for the sunny days to come. Nothing like a sparkling floor to spruce up the office!
Hire someone to do a major deep-clean
Too busy to tidy up yourself? Hire a professional cleaning service to come in and do a deep clean this spring. Look for a service that can come in during the night and get the work done while you are away to prevent downtime at the office.
Have air vents and ducts cleaned
This one is highly beneficial, and should be done routinely at least once, but better twice a year. Once in the spring after the bulk of the heating is over. And again after the air conditioned days of summer have ended. This can impact the efficiency of your air circulation system, and hugely impacts the air quality. The bottom line here is dollars, as sick days cost money, and so does a poorly running heating/cooling system!
Hire a window washer to do a spring clean!
This is a big one. Again, a major pain to do yourself... but along with carpets and ventilation systems, this one makes a big an impact. Especially if you have a lot of them! Clean windows let in natural light and give your building a professional, tidy appearance that welcomes and draws people into you business.
There you have it! These recommendations are sure to get you off to a great start. If you need a hand accomplishing any of these suggestions, be sure to give us a call at Can-Jan and find out how our cleaning services can help!
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