Steady Employment Predicted for Montreal Janitorial Professionals

June 29, 2015Steady Employment Predicted for Montreal Janitorial Professionals

The Profession of the Future

Among the occupations currently in highest demand in all of Québec, janitorial workers have real job security when it comes to looking ahead.  According to Statistics Canada, 21% of Canada’s janitors work here in Quebec. In fact, quoting Emploi Quebec statistics, in 2012 there were 39,000 people working in the janitorial sector alone. This number is set to steadily increase over the next three years. That means getting into professional cleaning services are a great option to consider if you’re looking for steady employment.

More About Montreal Cleaning Services

Janitors, building managers, caretakers and maintenance workers oversee many aspects of the buildings and spaces they are responsible for. From regular maintenance and repairs, to the security and cleaning services required, the job can be highly varied; which is an attractive attribute for many types of workers. If you’re the type of person who loves variety in your job, janitorial and maintenance work may be a great fit for you. It also allows you to be on your feet and moving, which is a great factor for people who do better in an active job. If sitting at a desk is not your cup of tea, janitorial work might fit your likes very well.

Some common types of places that employ professional cleaning services, caretakers and janitors include:

These are just some of the most common examples; the fact is that there are endless opportunities when it comes to finding significant work as a janitorial professional.

Banish the Stereotypes

Gone are the images of the school janitor and his mop and pail. Today’s janitorial professionals rely on modern high-power cleaning equipment, such as industrial floor scrubbers and vacuums. These make the work significantly more efficient to perform and provide better results. True, there’s bound to be mops and brooms involved, but there are many exceptional advancements found in our cleaning practices today. You’ll find advances in the cleaning products used, with many excellent green alternatives slowly becoming the norm. You’ll also see high-tech cleaning equipment that makes the job easier to perform. Combine these with increased awareness of sanitary practices and higher standards, today’s janitors also have much more education, experience and on the job training than in days past. Consider working as a janitor, you may just find your perfect job!


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