The Benefits of Well Winterizing your Commercial Property

October 01, 2015The Benefits of Well Winterizing your Commercial Property

Are You Ready For Winter?

Winter is just around the corner, accompanied by cold weather and snow. While we may not want it to arrive just yet, your building’s maintenance team needs to prepare now for the months to come.

There are many things to consider in preparing your commercial buildings for winter. From the exterior to the interior, addressing any issues now, in time for winter’s arrival, will ensure you’re ready for even the worst winter conditions. We can help you get it done in time.

Winterize Your Building Now

Don’t wait until winter is two weeks away to get your building ready! Many winterization tasks require time to plan and complete; especially in large commercial properties. Hiring crews to perform any major winterization tasks or upgrades requires planning and availability on their behalf. Beat the big rush and get the ball rolling!

When winterizing your commercial property, consider evaluating:

New Construction Requires Monitoring

New buildings are not exempt from needing winterization; in fact, many new constructions require regular monitoring, especially through their first winter. You never know the little things that can pop up, so planning for consistent and regular monitoring could save you both money and hassles if a problem arises.

New construction cleaning crews are able to get your building in top shape before winter hits, making the winterization process simple and efficient. Afterwards, consider a patrol cleaning or regular cleaning service to keep tabs on your edifice through the winter months.

Your Building’s Eyes & Ears

Most commercial properties have either a superintendent or maintenance manager of some sort. While these positions help oversee, schedule and facilitate the necessary repairs or upgrades, workers become your eyes and ears. Janitorial crews are a great example of where to get the pulse on your building.

If you have a Montreal commercial cleaning service, they’ll be able to monitor many of the potentially problematic areas in your building. They can help you pinpoint areas that need attention before they become a problem, or suggest upgrades or alternate solutions. Working together with your maintenance team, a professional and helpful commercial cleaning service can keep tabs on many areas of your building.

Take Advantage of Services you Already Have

If you already have a regular cleaning service in place, talk to them about taking care of winterization for you. There are many tasks that they can likely help you accomplish, without the extra time and work it takes to plan and seek out another service provider.

Can-Jan is able to perform many of the necessary winterization tasks you many need done in your commercial buildings. Properties are sure to take a beating when winter dishes out its best, so be sure yours doesn’t lose the fight!

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