The Importance of a Clean Office

August 09, 2016The Importance of a Clean Office

Showing up to work every day has become so routine that most people rarely give consideration to how much time they spend in the office. In addition, many employers give little importance to a cleaned and organized work environment. However, spend several hours a day in a messy and dusty office can have a negative impact on employees and customers.

Health & Hygiene

The hectic pace in most offices, conjoined with the fact that most employees share equipment such as copiers, the office can be a breeding ground for bacteria. For this reason, it is important to ensure that these surfaces are cleaned on a regular basis. Other equipment such as keyboards, mouses and telephones should also be cleaned regularly. In short, keeping these areas clean will help manage the spread of bacteria — reducing illness. In order to ensure that the cleaning is being done correctly, most businesses hire professional cleaning services like Can-Jan to handle the responsibility.


One of the simplest approaches to increase productivity in the office is to improve the organization. This is why, the filing system should be universal, and documents that employees need to consult on a regular basis should be easily accessible. Additionally, reducing clutter accelerates down the work process.


When clients enter your office, the first impression they will have will be based on the work environment. If the office is cluttered, it will paint a negative impression of the business, associating the disorder to the quality of service offered. Instead, a clean and organized office space will allow clients to develop confidence in your capacity to do a great job.

In short, a well-maintained office not only affects the health and productivity of your employees, but also the perception of your customers.

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