Tips for Cleaning Up After Business Renovation

July 12, 2017Tips for Cleaning Up After Business Renovation

If your business is undergoing a major renovation, the last thing you need is to clean the parts before the return of your employees. Not only does it require a lot of effort, but if you are poorly equipped, it could be more difficult than expected, even dangerous. It’s not just the dust and debris you have to worry about, but nails, wood splinters, and other potential harmful things that could be lying around. You may think that your construction company should to clean up after themselves, but this isn’t a service that is always offered. What options are you left with then?

A Thorough Cleaning

A post-renovation cleaning is not your average cleaning job. A powerful vacuum cleaner will be needed to collect sawdust. The remaining nails and screws should also be picked up. If any adhesives have been used by the manufacturers, we will have to clean them quickly with a non-abrasive cleaner so as not to damage the surface. Then, if any unused materials or scraps remain, you will need to dispose of them in a safe place, such as a waste container.

In addition, you will need the necessary equipment to clean the windows, fans, fixtures, etc. in height.

A safety issue

Safety is of absolute concern when it comes to post construction cleaning. Indeed, as a result of renovations, several residues of materials may have been left behind the builders. Nails can scatter the floor and pieces of wood that may cause chips and dust. All this can make the environment more dangerous to breathe. You will need to equip yourself to ensure your safety. Masks, protective eye wear, sturdy gloves and safety boots with thick soles will be necessary to avoid injury.

Professional cleaners?

For these reasons, many turn to a professional cleaning service. They will know the appropriate methods in approaching any post construction clean-up. They will use the right tools that everyday office cleaning services usually do not have. Of course, the right safety gear and methods will also be used. Professional clean-up teams know what to look for and how to prepare for any post construction mess!

Can Jan's professionalism and expertise in cleaning after renovation will quickly return to a clean and safe environment. With more than 60 years of experience, we know how to approach this type of work in the right way, without forgetting no recess. Contact us today to make an appointment!

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