Tips for Preventing Property Crimes

September 08, 2017Tips for Preventing Property Crimes

Graffiti, theft, broken windows, broken doors and property defacement are probably terms that you have heard one too many times before. And while we all hope that things get better over time, that isn’t exactly the case and therefore things end up getting worse and creating, even more, fear and unease in visitors and employees if not tackled swiftly.

Sometimes, they have a ripple effect that impacts not only the neighboring businesses and buildings, but your company’s image as well.

Sadly, no business or public agency is immune to property crime and hence the need to work with your security provider to figure out a way to implement steps that will increase your preparation to protect your business assets. Here are a few tips on how to avoid property crimes.

1. Identify weaknesses

One of the things that your enemy maximises on before striking is your weaknesses. So why not get ahead of the situation by analyzing any weaknesses beforehand and remedying them for better protection? For instance:

2. Implement solutions

Now that you know the weaknesses that could bring misfortune to your business, it’s time to act and come up with viable solutions depending on what you discovered. It could be anything between:

3. Execute response

Even with the best precautions, you must stay alert and informed when it comes to the environment around your property. If there is any damage on your building, it is important to update or change the security measures that you take.

The thing about property crimes is that they often start with graffiti’s which one can easily shrug off but then escalate within a split of second to impact the whole community. It is for that reason that one cannot simply overlook these crimes. You must make a commitment to prevent it at all costs before it adversely affects your business. Contact us for a free submission!

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