Top 4 Dirtiest Places in Restaurants—Cleaning Services in Montreal

October 02, 2013Top 4 Dirtiest Places in Restaurants—Cleaning Services in Montreal

Most of us enjoy heading out to our favorite restaurant for a meal with friends and family. When trying a new restaurant for the first time, most people will quickly notice whether it’s the type of place you really want to eat or not. The restaurant business is highly competitive and in order to run a successful and profitable business you will need to not only have great food; but also a very clean restaurant!
Cleaning your restaurant can become a burden, especially during busy times. Often restaurant staff are asked to take on the cleaning duties required, and although it is feasible to have some cleaning tasks assigned to staff; it often is not practical to expect your serving and kitchen staff to perform all of the cleaning services required. Usually, when a restaurant starts to slip in the area of cleanliness, this is the reason why: overworked employees.  You can easily avoid this problem by hiring a cleaning service in Montreal!

Montreal restaurant’s top four dirtiest areas:

  1. Floors: The first place your customers tend to notice as they walk in to your restaurant is the floors. Are they clean or are they littered with dirt, food and other debris? An estimated 70% of potential patrons will immediately leave a restaurant if they walk in and find the floors dirty. That’s a huge number! And even worse, they won’t return or give your restaurant a good referral. This type of impression tends to stick, and can damage your business reputation permanently. You can easily prevent this through having a reliable cleaning service perform your cleaning duties each and every night.
  2. Tables: We’ve all experienced sitting down to find the table in a restaurant dirty from the previous patron. Not only is it un-appealing, it is also pretty unsanitary as it provides a breeding ground for bacteria and other bugs. Tables must be cleared and sanitized promptly between guests, as well as any litter swept up from under the table. Staff will need to do this throughout the day, but having a cleaning service come in and do a deep clean each night will eliminate a huge amount of the cleaning necessary during the day.
  3. Kitchen: The kitchen is the heart of your business, and should rightly reflect this through highly sanitary and tidy appearance. Kitchen staff must be trained in food safety and cleanliness, as well as having a “clean as you go” policy that prevents major messes from piling up. Keeping your dish, food and garbage cycles going smoothly is critical, as well as having kitchen staff clean and sanitize work surfaces periodically throughout the day. Find a cleaning service to come in each night and do a thorough cleaning and degreasing of the floors and any other areas or cleaning tasks.
  4. Bathrooms: Dirty, under-stocked or foul smelling washrooms are a big no-no. Make sure that your washrooms are monitored regularly during the day and cleaned or restocked as necessary. Have a professional cleaning service come in after hours to perform a deep sanitization. Many restaurant goers avoid using public bathrooms because they tend to be so gross! Make your guests feel welcome and valued by providing extra clean and comfortable washrooms.

Finding an excellent cleaning service in Montreal is easy! Call Can-Jan today and find out how we can keep your restaurant in tip-top shape.

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