Warehouse Cleaning Fire Safety

November 29, 2012Warehouse Cleaning Fire Safety


A warehouse is one of the most hazardous places to work. For this reason, it is important to ensure that safety is assured for the operators and owners. Workers spend a large portion of the day in the warehouse working and it is precisely for this reason that it is important to ensure that it has proper ventilation. The floor should be kept clean and free from debris at all times as well. There are several aspects that go into the cleaning of a warehouse and for this reason; you should hire professional janitorial services in Montreal. The warehouse should also have proper lighting and it should have shelves and racks that are in excellent condition in order to ensure that equipment that might endanger the lives of workers are kept out of sight.
With the help of Montreal cleaning services, you can ensure that your warehouse is well maintained and meets all the standard guidelines. This way, you can save your workers from risks that might compromise their health. Before equipment is put to use, it should also be properly evaluated and tested in order to ensure that it cannot pose any risk. In case of a fire your employees should be in a position to access exit doors without any issues. The paths that lead to doors should therefore stay open at all times.
Also make sure that there is a clear Exit sign on the doors in order to ensure workers are ushered out with speed as soon as a fire breaks out. Storage should be eighteen inches below the sprinkler heads and the electrical outlets as well as the junction boxes should be well covered. Forklifts should also be equipped with effective fire extinguishers. Our cleaning services in Montreal can change the entire operation of your warehouse by giving you a good solution for combating with cases of fire outbreaks as well as ensuring that the warehouse is clean and safe for all workers.
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