Does Your Business Climate Drive Customers Away? Why Retail Cleaning is Important

July 18, 2013Does Your Business Climate Drive Customers Away? Why Retail Cleaning is Important

Is your store in tip top shape?

There is something about a clean, neat, and organized store that makes it stand out above the competition. Whether on the outside looking in, or on the inside browsing through aisles of food or furniture; people notice the care taken to ensure their safety, cleanliness and health.
As retail store owners continually search for ways to add to their customer base, it is easy to overlook the factors that will keep a store’s existing patrons coming back. One of those factors can be as simple as a clean, inviting and safe environment for their employees and customers, old and new.

The pitfalls of cutting corners

The failure to invest the relatively small amount necessary to keep the retail store clean can result in a larger expense in lost sales, as customers leave to find more appealing places to conduct their business. Each cent unspent at your store will mean one cent spent elsewhere. As long as there are still 100 cents to the dollar, those small amounts will add up to negatively impact the business profit.
Compounding the problem is the negative word-of-mouth personal advertising that will inevitably follow, beginning with the first dissatisfied customer’s departure from the store. Like dollars and cents, it adds up over time and the owner will start to see store traffic and profits dwindle.

The hidden costs of skimping

There are hidden costs as well for the neglect of the store area. The store will be liable for any injuries that occur within its walls, whether those injuries happen to an employee or a customer. But it goes beyond a legal issue, to the overall perception of the retail store as a company who either cares or is careless with its most important assets. To spend large amounts on advertising and promotions to draw in customers, then see it lost because the store did not maintain its goodwill, is not sound business practice.
The best employees will always want a safe place to work. Many of your employees are also some of your best customers. Being the victim of an accident due to an unkempt working environment will soon see the best employees leaving like your best customers - one by one - until the financial impact becomes obvious.

How to find the best Montreal janitorial service

There are many choices for cleaning and janitorial services available in Montreal, so the decision needs to be one as thoughtful as the retail storeowner’s concern for its employees and customers. The company to be hired must have the same concern for quality as the business owner, and settle for nothing less. Can-Jan is one such cleaning service that can meet the demand of your retail store’s customers and employees for a clean, safe environment. Most of all, our services will prove that the money invested will have a high, long-term return as the best customers return and new customers appear. Give us a call today!
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