Why Summer is The Best Time to Clean Windows—Montreal Cleaning Services

July 30, 2014Why Summer is The Best Time to Clean Windows—Montreal Cleaning Services

Time for Window Cleaning Montreal!

It’s summertime, and with summer comes the perfect time to freshen up and clean your windows! Windows are often difficult to access and clean, so be sure to hire a professional Montreal window cleaning service. There are a lot of contributing factors to having grimy windows in Montreal and here are four of the key factors:
1. Location. Where you’re located plays a big part in how quickly and how dirty your windows get. If you’re located nearby roads, highways and other traffic sources, you’ll be getting dirty windows much faster than someone located where there is less traffic.

2. External landscape. Is your building nestled among trees, shrubs or parking areas? If so, trees often drip sap or water, host birds, insects and squirrels; who all can contribute to dirty windows. Parking lots and landscaping that borders the building all add debris and traffic, which amount to dirty windows.

3. Weather. Bouts of weather can contribute greatly to your windows getting dirty. All seasons have their share in getting windows dirty. From rain and snow to pollen, leaves and dust; you’ll find your windows get a different kind of dirty in each season!

4. Traffic. Traffic is one of the biggest factors in getting dirty windows. From the exhaust to the dirt and debris stirred up by passing vehicles, windows on the street side are usually far dirtier than those in the opposite direction.

Types of Buildings That Need Regular Window Cleaning

There are also certain types of buildings and businesses that tend to get have dirtier windows, or that require more window cleaning service. These types of buildings can benefit from hiring a regular window cleaning service:

Healthcare Buildings

Doctor’s offices, hospitals and clinics all require a sanitized environment and appearance. Having grimy windows is a big no-no for these types of establishments. Windows on the ground floor, in treatment and exam rooms as well as any glass in waiting areas must be kept sparkling. Hiring a professional montreal window cleaning service is a great way to keep your glass spotless.


Often overlooked, windows in restaurants quickly become unappealing. Due to the moisture and grease in the air, windows in cooking establishments get dirty frequently. Having a Montreal window cleaning service regularly scheduled is your best bet to keeping the glass sparkling clean.

Office Buildings

Office building cleaning services should include regularly scheduled window cleaning. True, an office building may not require the same level of sanitization as a hospital, but when doing business you want to make a good impression when people drive by or come into your building. Having a tidy exterior and clean windows is important for communicating that your business is doing great and you care.

Retail Stores

Image is powerful in retail. From your marketing materials to the display and setup of your store, you need to send a consistent and appropriate message to your buyers. Having proper cleaning services is essential to a successful retail business, and part of the regimen should be a quality window cleaning service.
Can-Jan has been providing Montreal with exceptional window cleaning services since 1961. If you’d like to schedule a cleaning service, give us a call today at 514-365-0050.

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