Why You Need to Plan Your Montreal School Cleaning Service Now

July 17, 2015Why You Need to Plan Your Montreal School Cleaning Service Now

Before back-to-school cleaning

It won’t be long now until back-to-school season is upon us. If you’re involved in managing the maintenance and cleaning of schools, then you know that right now is the best time to get a jump on many of the tasks necessary to get schools ready for the first day. With kids and teachers out of the building, summertime is perfect for deep-cleaning, making repairs or renovations, re-doing flooring and surfaces, as well as various touch-ups.

Busy all year long

That being said, some schools stay busy all through the summer months with various community programs and activities. With school buildings becoming more and more multipurpose it can be pretty tricky for your regular 9-5 cleaning crew to get all the tasks done. That’s where a Montreal school cleaning service can come in handy. Not only can they take care of extra tasks, they can do it during the off hours so that your school building can be used uninterrupted during the day.

Hot spots to handle this summer

It’s worth pointing out a few key points in your school’s summer cleaning plan. The first is lockers. Especially in the gym department. While personal hygiene is the first defense in preventing the spread of various infections; maintaining a high standard of hygiene in your facilities is also imperative. Gym lockers and the various mats and equipment should all be sanitized before school starts up again in the fall.  An experienced Montreal school cleaning service will have the equipment and crew to facilitate an efficient cleaning plan. Ask them about touch-free cleaning for projects like locker and equipment cleaning.

Montreal floor cleaning services for schools

And last but not least, floors are always on the list of things to do in the summer months. If your school is in use during the summer have a Montreal floor cleaning service come in afterhours. You can also schedule these services around the school’s schedule in order to accommodate everyone involved. Be sure to have someone inspect your floors for any damages that require repairs to the base before stripping and waxing or doing any other cleaning tasks ­– or you may have to re-do them after the repairs are made.

Can-Jan provides efficient, high-quality Montreal school cleaning services throughout the area. We can take care of as much or as little as you need. From floor stripping and finishing to deep-cleaning washrooms or sanitizing lockers and desks, we do it all.

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